3 Filipinos Nabbed in Lamma Anti-drug Raid

Following reports of foreign syndicates befriending Filipina domestic helpers to involve them in trafficking illegal substances and possessions in the country, authorities have received word of illicit activities in some parts of the region related to the illegal drug trade.

As foreigners living in a different country, it is best we know the rules that are upheld in our country of residence and be sure to coordinate with authorities when we find illegal activities happening in our neighbourhood.

3 Filipinos Nabbed in Lamma Anti-drug Raid

3 Pinoys among 5 Arrested in Lamma Drug Crackdown

In a report shared by the Sun, five people have been arrested onLamma Island on the suspicion of possessing and trafficking dangerous drugs as reported by a foreign informant.

Three of the people involved are Filipinos who were said to possess Hong Kong ID cards. These people are also being investigated on charges of possessing offensive and prohibited weapons.

According to a statement from the Police Public Relations Branch in Lamma, the three Filipinos, a Thai woman, and a Sri Lankan man were taken into custody when authorities raided three houses on the island last Dec. 29 at 7 in the morning.

All five individuals are being detained at the Cheung Chau Police Station while investigation was on-going.

No charges have been filed up until December 31, and the Philippine Consulate had also not been informed of the incident yet.

The total amount of contraband seized is valued at S13,000.

Even as investigations are still on-going, it’s quite disappointing to hear that our kababayan are involved in this kind of issue, especially overseas. Not only will this give our country a bad name, but also the expat community in Hong Kong.

If there’s a way for us to reach out or report this kind of incidences, it’s best that we do so because not only will this be a problem of the government but the entire community where drugs are being distributed.

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