Filipina Charged with Theft Pins Act on Drug Use

We all know that illegal drug use does little to no good to one’s physical (and mental) health, but in the case of those who commit crimes, the consequences of their drug use cannot be blamed for their unlawful acts because the use of illegal drugs, is in itself, a crime punishable by law.

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As it has been said before a mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake. And oftentimes, one wrong decision leads to another, and ultimately puts the person at a rather difficult situation.

Filipina Charged with Theft Pins Act on Drug Use

Pinay Charged with Stealing, Claims Drug-Induced Condition for Act

A Filipina claimed at the Kowloon City Court that her drug-induced dementia had allegedly caused her to steal five bottles of perfume amounting close to HKD 2,000 from a cosmetic shop in Mong Kok in two consecutive days this month, as shared in a report by the Sun.

The defendant, Gladys de Vera, pleaded guilty on January 28 to two charges of theft before Magistrate Woo Huey-fang based on the same offences filed against her.

The prosecution filed charges against De Vera, whose visa status was not disclosed, for going to a SASA store on January 4, and took two bottles of perfume worth HKD 788, and left without paying for them.

The following day, De Vera returned to the same store and stole three more bottles of perfume which cost a total of HKD 1,120.

The defense counsel assigned by the Duty Lawyer Service shared that the drug report requested by the magistrate revealed that the defendant had tested positive for drug use, in relation to the case at hand.

The lawyer explained that the second report, which was prepared by a psychiatrist, confirmed that De Vera had indeed experienced drug-induced dementia which was probably related to the substance abuse.

As per Magistrate Woo’s orders, the court would request a drug treatment report prior to pushing through with the case and sentencing De Vera.

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