PCG-HK Warns Filipinas to be Careful of Sweet-talking Foreigners

The Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong reminded Filipinas to be wary of sweet-talking foreigners who may want to get their addresses and use this information for illicit purposes.

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The warning was made when two Filipina domestic helpers appeared in West Kowloon Court last Dec. 7 on accounts of charges of drug trafficking which resulted from taking delivery packages sent to them by foreign men, according to a report by the sunwebhk.

PCG-HK Urges Filipinas to be Wary of Sweet-talking Foreigners

PCG Warns Pinays Against Entertaining Smooth-talking Foreign Men

According to Consul Paulo Saret, head of the assistance to national section, Filipina workers in Hong Kong should never agree to receive or pick up packages from senders whom they do not personally know or expecting a delivery from.

Saret also cited that as they have been trained at the PAOS, or post-arrival orientation seminars, Filipinas should not easily trust foreigners or people they do not know who would send them packages as this could be used for illegal transactions or illicit activities.

Also, it’s important not to accept and open parcels that are not addressed to the person who is made to receive them. Saret shared that anyone who finds themselves in this kind of situation should call the police and only open the parcel in front of them so that they wouldn’t be put into a difficult spot.

This has been the scam operation of strangers who approach Filipinas, posing to befriend them and gain their trust, to exact their illicit activities and schemes.

As mentioned by the consul general in Hong Kong, the pre-departure and post-arrival orientation seminars (PDOS/PAOS) provided by the government to aspiring OFWs are not merely procedural requirements, but they are established there to help our kababayan and to educate them as to how to navigate situations concerning their safety and life overseas as an expat.

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