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Filipino Call Centre Agents on ‘Free HK Tour’ Sentenced to 5 Months’ Jail Time

They say nothing in life comes for free. But whether or not you subscribe to this idea, stories of free “come-ons” such as travel and other freebies are very true, especially now that almost everyone can post anything and have access to the internet. Unfortunately, there are still people who fall victims to this kind [...]

Hong Kong Do’s and Don’t’s

For the longest time, Filipinos have been going to Hong Kong to work. This is for the simple reason that overseas Filipino workers in Hong Kong earn significantly higher than those in the Philippines. But don’t let this get you all hooked up right away. We always have to consider the good along with the [...]

Free Health Check-Ups for OFWs in HK

Despite the fact that mandatory health check-ups will no longer push through, it doesn’t mean that we should disregard our physical health. After all, how can we enjoy everything we’ve accomplished at work when we’re no longer physically well to do so? It is for this reason that OFWs should be more responsible enough in [...]

Fare Subsidy to be Distributed by Gov’t Soon

With the rising costs of living expenses in the city, the government has launched an initiative back in 2017 which aims to alleviate the burden on the residents’ monthly public transport expenditures, including those who spend over HKD 400 using their Octopus card to get around in the city. This is a welcome development for [...]

TESDA Visits HK to Assess Massage, Caregiver Trainees

Upgrading one’s skills no matter what field you are in, say even for domestic helpers can certainly boost one’s chances of landing or transitioning to a new line of work. So, when training programs and seminars are offered by the government or any NGO that supports the career development of students, professionals, and even domestic [...]

Marriage Scam Syndicate Mastermind Convicted in HK

Getting married, for us Filipinos especially, is an important thing which a lot of us feel pressured about after we reach a certain age because of societal norms and cultural values back home. But in the case of overseas Filipino workers, if love finds them overseas and if they opt to get married the practical [...]

Visiting Pinay DH Arrested in Macau over Alleged Loan Fraud

Though it’s not an encouraged practice, many of our kababayan still apply for loan overseas. And while this is typically done out of dire need or for intentions that would benefit their families above all, sometimes people use means that would either put them or others at a difficult situation. Generally speaking, getting a loan [...]