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Authorities Announce Measles Outbreak Controlled

In recent months, cases of measles have shot up in the city, which raised concern among authorities and other relevant agencies, prompting the government to offer health screening services among domestic workers in particular. And because of the risk this infection poses to residents, especially children and mothers, the issue to make health screening mandatory [...]

Worker Gets Suspended Jail Term for Illegally Managing Inn

Based on an employee’s contract, working in Hong Kong entitles them to a number of privileges and benefits, such as access to subsidized medical care on the island and receiving residency status as sanctioned by Immigration. ALSO READ: Employer Gives Impassioned Defence of Filipina Maid on Illegal Work Case However, workers are bound by the [...]

Gov’t Conducts Extended Measles Test Scheme for Domestic Helpers

In line with the rise in cases of measles in the country, particularly among domestic workers entering the state for employment, the government has taken measures to take control of the situation from the ground. ALSO READ: Health Agency Urges Domestic Workers to Receive MMR Vaccination Vaccinations are among the basic requirements in various parts [...]

Other than workplace harassment or domestic abuse, women are also prone to cat-calling and other forms of indecent assault in public. It is for this reason that women are advised to dress and act appropriately in public, especially in the presence of strangers who may have tendencies to approach women and perform inappropriate acts on [...]

Expat Teacher Sentenced to 10 Months’ Jail Term for Assault on Kindergarten Pupil

Working away from home brings its own type of stress to workers that could potentially translate to their demeanour and behaviour at work. And while this strictly falls under professional ethics, it’s a reality that cannot be denied. ALSO READ: Gov’t to Explore Victim Screening Mechanism for Domestic Workers However, poor work performance is one [...]

[VIDEO] ‘Emotionally Unstable’ Man Draws Flak on Social Media After Kicks MTR Door

In countries with good public transportation such as Hong Kong, rarely do we get news about train delays and disruptions – at least due to technical issues. However, it’s also not uncommon to find uncharacteristic behaviours of passengers in public areas, such as those who have been drinking or are emotionally disturbed. ALSO READ: Fare [...]

Filipino Driver Pronounced Dead After Passing Out in Hong Kong

For those who decide to work overseas, most of the time, it’s not only until you’re there that you realize how high the stakes are. This is especially true for those living (and working) alone in a country like Hong Kong. And while it’s good to know that there are organizations such as the church [...]