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Employer Draws Flak Online for Wanting Cleaning Fee from Erring Domestic Worker

Foreign workers in Hong Kong, especially domestic workers, which comprise 5% of the country’s population, are subject to labour laws and conditions specified in their employment contracts. Failure to comply with the terms specified in the contract or the law in Hong Kong, could cost someone their job and have their right to stay in [...]

Worker Denies Fabricating Harassment Claims Against Employer

In cases where foreign workers are faced in situations caused by injustice or abuse, we know that there will always be government agencies and organizations willing to lend a helping hand, especially to foreign domestic workers which make up 5% of Hong Kong’s entire population. ALSO READ: Health Agency Urges Domestic Workers to Receive MMR [...]

POLO Recommends First-Time Hong Kong-bound Filipinos to Get Measles Vaccination

With the growing concern over measles infections on the island, the Philippine Consulate General in the country has been keen on monitoring cases regarding this, particularly among the Filipino community residing on the island, as well as those flying to Hong Kong for work. ALSO READ: Gov’t Considers Mandatory Insurance for Workers Previously, there has [...]

Police Issue Advisory Over Growing WhatsApp Scams in HK

Anywhere in the world, there’s a rise in the incidences of online scams involving identity theft, fraud, and blackmailing, among others. ALSO READ: Gov’t Reports Increase in Deception Cases in HK It is for this very reason that citizens all over the world must exercise due caution when conducting transactions online, and also when sharing [...]

Gov’t Urges Residents Born in 1968 or 1969 to Apply for New Smart ID Cards

As the government has announced that it will be rolling out new smart ID cards for Hong Kong residents as early as last year, officials are now reminding everyone, including foreign domestic workers, to avail or to have their ID cards replaced based on the schedule released by authorities. ALSO READ: Gov’t Opens Smart ID [...]

High Court Bars the Stay of Filipino Moms in HK

As overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) continue to leave the country to seek better opportunities abroad, this sometimes end up with them having their own family in their host nation. ALSO READ: Asian Domestic Workers in HK Urge Gov’t to Increase Pay And while this is a perfectly normal immigration trend, existing immigration laws in the [...]

Employers Who Do Not Provide Rest Day for Workers Can Be Fined Up to HKD 50,000

Out of fear of getting terminated from their jobs, many foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong simply give in to the demands of their employers when it comes to work routines. And while it’s important to build a healthy employer-employee work relationship, it’s important that we do not sacrifice our own rights when doing so. [...]