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5 Smart Investments Every OFW Should Have

Let’s face it. Despite the glitz and glamour of working overseas, it does not take the away the fact that OFWs still need to work hard in order to earn the attractive pay which many Filipinos could only dream to have back home. And while it’s true that providing for our families comes as top [...]

Pinay Domestic Helper Passes Away After Working for 26 Years in HK

This is definitely not the kind of OFW story that we would like to hear, especially to those who are looking forward to working overseas in order to help their families back home in the Philippines. However, as sad as it is, this is the reality that we have to accept, and to remind us [...]

Health Agency Urges Domestic Workers to Receive MMR Vaccination

Coming into the new season (as there are four seasons in Hong Kong), a local health agency stressed the need for migrant workers to receive vaccination against contagious diseases such as measles and the flu, during their stay in the country, as the government offers this service typically for children in the country. However, as [...]

Hong Kong to Make ‘Monopoly Dreams’ a Reality

For many of us, part of our childhood is composed of playing board games with friends, or staying up late to finish an engaging computer game, for which our parents would have probably scolded us a hundred times to count. This time around, as part of the country’s impressive tourist attractions, one of our favourite [...]

Filipina Domestic Worker Files Indecent Assault Complaint vs Employer

In the wake of legislative progress to establish a system to determine victims of abuse through screening, common stories of sexual assault and abuse between employer and worker still pile up until relevant laws are put into implementation. And until that happens, we need to be aware of the things that go on behind closed [...]

Gov’t to Explore Victim Screening Mechanism for Domestic Workers

We often here cases of abuse and worker exploitation in almost all parts of the world. However, not much is known about government initiatives to address such issues in their respective jurisdictions. Other than private, non-government organizations willing to offer legal help and counsel for victims of migrant worker abuse, specific services offered by a [...]

7 Filipinos Charged for Illegal Gambling Fined HKD 500 Each

One of the things which OFWs are prone to after and even while still working overseas is getting involved in (illegal) gambling. And while this is a sad reality because we know that Filipinos are hard-working people who do their best to provide for their families back home, the clutches of temptation and vices can [...]