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Hong Kong’s Smart Lampposts Functions Highlighted

As the trend among leading global cities is geared towards digitalisation and creating smart processes from which residents will gain added value from traditional methods that have served singular purposes all this time, Hong Kong is starting to adopt new technologies that would create an impact not only in residents’ lives, society, but also the [...]

Another Filipina Death in Hong Kong Tagged as a Case of Suicide

Filipino migrant workers in Hong Kong typically headline the news whenever they get in a difficult position against their employer or fall victim to various kinds of scams. Unfortunate as this may seem, these kinds of events show us a glimpse of what these workers go through as they seek better work opportunities overseas, and [...]

First Ever: PH Launches Online Passport Appointment Portal in Hong Kong

Having one of the highest numbers of OFW population overseas, the Philippine Embassy in Hong Kong is among one of the few foreign missions loaded with requests for services ranging from passport applications and renewals to notarial services and assistance to nationals. This being the case, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), in coordination with [...]

Gov’t Ends Fugitive Bill for Good

During the past few weeks, Hong Kong has been plagued by a number of demonstrations mostly conducted near or at public and government facilities; some have even resorted to violence and destruction of facilities to send their message across to the Hong Kong government. These related series of events took place after Hong Kong’s Chief [...]

HK Smart Identity Card Replacement Continues with those born in 1964 and 1965

Notwithstanding the recent demonstrations that have shaken the government due to the proposal of a new law regarding extradition cases in the country, other government initiatives such as the Hong Kong Smart ID Card replacement scheme is expected to push through starting this month. With this, all eligible residents are expected to take part in [...]

PCG Receives around 1,000 Pawned Passports Confiscated by Hong Kong Police

The illegal money-lending business has been causing problems to authorities in most Asian countries, where a large number of migrant workers reside, as well. The reason for this is that most, if not all, of these workers are bound to their contracts, which restrict them from taking on other jobs outside of their main source [...]

Filipina Domestic Helper Dies in Beach Incident in Tuen Mun

Taking a holiday off is not always about fun and exciting escapades, as not too far from these happenings are accidents waiting to happen. For this reason, both adults and children are being advised to take caution, regardless of the activity they choose to take part of. It is in moments that we are too [...]