Island Hopping Adventure in HK

Bored with your typical go-to spots in Hong Kong? Why not check out some of the off-the-beaten paths the city has to offer? And perhaps hop on a boat while you’re on it?

If you’re not very familiar with Hong Kong’s geography, you ought to know that the island country is, in fact, actually, composed of several islands. By this, you would have a bit more choices to look into, especially when planning a vacation or a holiday getaway, such as this time of the year.

Go Island Hopping in Hong Kong for the Holidays and See a Different Side to the City

Thinking of Ways to Spend the Holidays in Hong Kong? Why not go Island Hopping!

It can be hard to take time off from the city. Fortunately, there are hundreds of outlying islands in the region that can accommodate your needs.

Hong Kong has so much to offer, so why not take advantage of its beautiful islands and experience them for yourself? In this guide, we list down some of the most interesting island locations you can check out if you haven’t gone to any of these places until now. Be sure to read until the end of this guide!

1. Cheung Chau

Thinking of Ways to Spend the Holidays in Hong Kong? Why not go Island Hopping!
Credits:  Jimmie Cheung / Google Maps

About 30 minutes away from Central is this Hong Kong Island called Cheung Chau Island. There are no cars on this island, and only pedestrians can explore it.

During the famous Cheung Chau Bun Festival, an annual event, which usually takes place from July to September, thousands of people visit the area to take part in the bun-snatching contest.

This island also has a lot of famous attractions, such as the Tung Wan Beach, which used to be the training ground of Lee Lai-shan, who became the first ever Olympic gold medalist in windsurfing. There are also some great street food joints here that would make you fall in love with Hong Kong’s unique charms all over again.

This spot is most known for old temples, sandy beaches, and a coastal walking track, as well as seafood eateries, make up this scenic isle.

Here’s what Matthew Lee thought about their last visit to this spot: “The Ferry from Central to Cheung Chau is a very unforgettable experience!! The view is amazing,and the ferry is also very comfortable!”

Another satisfied visitor, Leo Ch, has this to say about their last visit to this spot:  “If you are looking for another side of HongKong without full of high building, you must visit cheung chau island, enjoy the chinese sea food and sea view. Walk around the island to see the local living style, and there is two beach can swimming. The ferry pier to Cheung Chau Island is very close to Central MTR station, walk about 15 mintues from station and by the ferry just 45 to 60 mintues to go. Only one thing I may remind to foreigners tourist, beware some ripoff price of the restaurant along to the sea side, order the seafood only they have list the price on menu. It is very important not only Hong Kong, also Vietnam and Thai per my travel experience. Saturday and Sunday always full of peoples, I suggest visit on weekdays.”

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2. Peng Chau

Thinking of Ways to Spend the Holidays in Hong Kong? Why not go Island Hopping!
Credits: HK From Above / Google Maps

Peng Chau is a great place to visit if you are looking for a unique island to explore in Hong Kong. This tiny island has plenty to offer, so make it your goal to visit.

Follow the Peng Chau Heritage Trail to learn about the island’s history. There are also plenty of places to eat in the area, such as Wing On Street and Les Copains D’Asbord Cafe.

Here’s what Jacqueline Hampshire thought about their last visit to this spot: “Great place to visit, very friendly shopkeepers & restaurant owners!

Another satisfied guest, Gregory Chang, “Best neighbourhood pub in this laid back town!

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3. Tung Ping Chau

Thinking of Ways to Spend the Holidays in Hong Kong? Why not go Island Hopping!
Credits: Henry Chan / Google Map

Located in the easternmost portion of Hong Kong, Tung Ping Chau Island is only about 1.1 square kilometers in size. Located in the middle of Hong Kong Island, this island is made up of layers of sedimentary rock that have formed due to the eruption of volcanic rock. This makes it a unique place to visit.

This place is most visited because rock pools, cliffs, and temples abound on this famous dive location made entirely of sedimentary rocks.

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4. Middle Island

Thinking of Ways to Spend the Holidays in Hong Kong? Why not go Island Hopping!
Credits: Louis Ng / Google Maps

Middle Island is a small island off the southern shore of HK Island that is known for its secluded beach. It can be accessed by a free shuttle boat from the Island Road.

The island is home to the Middle Island Clubhouse, which features a variety of facilities for members of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and the Aberdeen Boat Club.

This spot is popular because it has a boat club and yacht club, as well as a sandy beach and two religious temples, located on this small, scenic island.

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5. Tap Mun

Thinking of Ways to Spend the Holidays in Hong Kong? Why not go Island Hopping!
Credits: Eddy Tse / Google Map

Named after its green fields and hills, Tap Mun is also known as Grass Island. You can easily reach the island by taking a ferry or motorboat from the Wong Shek Pier. Once on the island, you’ll be able to enjoy the views of its rocky beaches and the famous Balanced Rock.

There are many places to camp in Hong Kong, such as the famous Tap Mun. Aside from these, there are also some great places to picnic in the area.

A walk around Tap Mun features a loop trail that circles the island’s southern tip. It passes by the Tin Hau Temple and the Old Fisherman’s Village. This area is very popular for wild camping.

There are also some interesting pavilion stops along the trail. Some of these include the Tap Mun Cave and the Balanced Rock.

Another beautiful formation you can find here is the Long Keng Kan (Neck of the Dragon). It is located on a sloping wooded hillside and is accessible by rope. It has great views of the sea and other islands.

Here’s what BradJill thought about their last visit to this place, “Overall, Tap Mun is a neat place to visit if you’ve done the rounds of island trips around Hong Kong and are looking for somewhere different to spend half a day. There is a nice mix of heritage, history, geology and natural beauty to enjoy and while time consuming to visit from the city, everything is pretty straightforward and easy to experience once you are there.”

Another satisfied visitor, MRuth has this to share about their island experience: “Tap Mun ,quite fishing village with the best view u dont want to miss  ,the Island is quite small you can walk all around  within few hours some parts on top of the hill  you can see cows grazing be aware cow dung all over also😅,Pebble beach and surfing area as you go and walk along  on the other side back to the pier, the best route is MTR to University exit B just follow sign to Ma Lui Shui Ferry Pier depart at 8:30 am)we came back by Tap Mun to Wong Shek Pier ( get bus 94 to Sai kung town center) spend few hours also.”

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6. Tung Lung Chau

Thinking of Ways to Spend the Holidays in Hong Kong? Why not go Island Hopping!
Credits: Jimmie Cheung / Google Map

Tung Lung Chau is a popular island for camping, hiking, and rock climbing. It can be found off the coast of Hong Kong Island’s Clear Water Bay.

Aside from the natural features, Tung Lung Chau also has various historical sites. One of these is the Tung Lung Fort, which was built during the Qing Dynasty.

This place is best known for camping, hiking paths, and a few historical sites available on this little island with a rough shoreline.

Here’s what Husnain Tariq thought about their las visit to this spot: “Very nice place for camping! Suitable for beginners! Have a few bbq pits. Very beautiful view, can see stars at night.

How to get there:

Can take a ferry from sai wan ho ferry pier (return tickets around $55 only) or Yau tong.

There are portable washrooms and some tuck shop where you can buy food and drinks, including water. So no need to worry about not enough supplies.”

Another satisfed visitor, Wan-man WONG has this to say about their last visit: “A nice place to visit. An off-shore island on east side of Hong Kong. Close to Siu Sai Wan and Tseung Kwan O. No regular ferry service on weekdays.”

Here’s what Dew Space thought about their trip here: “Ideal place to get away from the city for hiking with friends. Some hikers will stay overnight just to see the early sunrise next morning.”

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7. Lamma Island

Thinking of Ways to Spend the Holidays in Hong Kong? Why not go Island Hopping!
Credits: 陳智聰 / Google Map

Lamma Island is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Instead of driving around in a car, you can simply explore the island by foot.

If you’re a beachgoer, there are plenty of places to visit on Lamma Island. If you’re looking for a seafood meal, there are a lot of places to eat in Sok Kwu Wan.

Located on the island of Lamma, Tin Hau temples are known to welcome the fishermen during the annual Tin Hau Festival.

This place is best known for its fishing villages, hikes, beaches, and a laid-back hippy lifestyle, making this a popular day-trip destination.

Here’s what DigitalJaJa (JJ) thought about their las visit to this spot: “Went at 2019 for dinner. It’s a great and beautiful island, take about 20mins to arrive from main island. With couple seafood restaurant open.There’re places under constraction actually. Seems popular for tourism. Recommended!!”

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8. Lantau Island

Thinking of Ways to Spend the Holidays in Hong Kong? Why not go Island Hopping!
Credits:  kwan chung Wong / Google Map

Lantau Island is Hong Kong’s largest outlying island and home to many of its most popular tourist attractions.

Po Lin Monastery is one of the most important Buddhist temples in Hong Kong. Located in the middle of Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride, it features a spectacular view of the city.

Take in some of Venice’s sights in the western coast of Hong Kong by visiting the Tai O Fishing Village. This area is known for its various attractions, such as its fishing boats and houses.

It is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. These include the beaches at Mui Wo and Cheung Sha.

Lantau Island has two country parks, which protect almost half of the island. It features numerous hiking trails and its biggest reservoir.

Lantau Island is relatively limited in comparison to other areas of Hong Kong Island. However, it still has plenty of transportation options, such as public buses, ferries, and MTR.

There are a limited number of accommodation options on Lantau Island, with properties located in the popular areas such as Tung Chung, Tai O, and Mui Wo. These areas are usually visited by tourists.

This place is best known for Buddhist architecture, a sandy beach, and a retail mall found on Hong Kong’s largest outlying island. A must-visit!

Here’s what Mr. Eagle thought about their last visit to this spot: “This cable car ride is much more than just a ride to the top and back.

There is an entire village up here with additional tours.

 Lots of shops restaurants and even a 7-11 store.

I would recommend busting this attraction while here. Be sure to get the crystal car for at least one way if your tour. This means that the cable car has a glass (crystal) floor so that you can look straight down at the water and the hillside below you.

It was a great feeling!”

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9. Po Toi

Thinking of Ways to Spend the Holidays in Hong Kong? Why not go Island Hopping!
Credits: Lawrence Tang / Google Map

Located in the southernmost point of Hong Kong, Po Toi is mostly uninhabited. It has been known to be haunted by the Old Mansion of Family Mo.

Located in the southernmost point of Hong Kong, Po Toi Island is mostly uninhabited. There are plenty of abandoned buildings on the island.

It’s believed that the Old Mansion of Mo is haunted due to the carved rock behind it. Located in Po Toi Island, this area is known for its numerous rock carvings.

This place is best known for its unique rock formations, prehistoric rock engravings, a lighthouse, and seaweed items – all of which can be found on this tranquil islet.

Here’s what Lawrence Tang thought about their las visit to this spot: “Little island just south of Hong Kong with a lot to offer. Getting here only requires 30 minutes ferry ride from Stanley or Abderdeen. The scenery was amazing – beautiful blue oceans, interesting historical rock carvings and of course the ever popular light house. There’s a short hiking trail which will take you through all the scenic spots. If you’re hungry, there are a number of small restaurants that serve some simple local food. Most people here like to order the instant noodles topped with eggs, luncheon meat and local seaweed. What I love most is that you can have a glimpse of the local people’s life and you can see the local people drying the seaweed along the walk. It’s guaranteed to keep you occupied for a whole day. Make sure you check out the ferry schedule when you plan your trip.”

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Anyone might find Hong Kong a bit cramped when all they visit and keep going back to are the common city spots, which are, on their own, great places to check out, no doubt. But after reading this list, you will have known a lot more places to go to, whether on your own, with friends, or even family! You really don’t need to go out of the country to unwind, when there are plenty of locations here in Hong Kong that you can visit in your free time or even during the holidays. As an island nation, Hong Kong’s land area does not make it any less of a fascinating travel experience, especially with a handful of beautiful islands you can explore one by one during your stay here.

Have you visited any of the islands we mentioned in this guide? How was your experience?  What made the trip an exceptionally memorable one for you? Are there any locations we missed that you’d like us to include in this guide? Let us know! We’d love to hear all about it! Feel free to leave a comment in the section below!

Just a reminder, travel restrictions are still in place throughout the country, so before you plan your trip, make sure to check with the local authorities regarding health and safety protocols affecting travellers and going on tours, such as the places we mentioned in this guide. Stay safe and enjoy!

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