Scholarships Granted to Six Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is home to many nationalities, some of which have built a life around their work, and sometimes even their studies. This is not surprising at all since a lot of foreign expats choose Hong Kong as an excellent destination to pursue their goals and passions in life.

For those who wish to study abroad, Hong Kong is an excellent place to go because of the immersive experience you get to have with the city’s varied cultures and residents. Also, living here wouldn’t be as challenging as in other parts of the world because the food, modes of transportation, and living conditions are quite good. But what’s even better news, even for foreign nationals already living in the city, is when scholarship programmes become available to them which could mean big help in terms of their living expenses.

Scholarships Granted to Six Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong
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Six Ethnic Minority Students Receive Scholarships in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Baptist University is granting six exceptional ethnic minority students to support their university education in the country, as shared in a report by Sing Tao Daily.

The selected students were chosen from over 30 candidates who enrolled in the Scholarship Scheme for Outstanding South and South East Asian Ethnic Minority Students.

Each grantee will receive 100% tuition subsidy worth HKD 42,100 (USD 5,372) every year and HKD 10,000 education allowance to participate in exchange programs during their undergraduate years.

The scholarship aims to encourage deserving local minority students to pursue their studies in undergraduate programs without much financial burden.

This certainly comes as great news for Southeast Asian students who wish to pursue studies abroad without having much to worry about their financial duties while living in the city.

To know more about this scholarship offered by the Hong Kong Baptist University, you may click this LINK.

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