Where to Get Help for Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

Living and working overseas pose many challenges and difficulties for any individual. For one, there’s separation from your family, another is language barrier. As an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), if you run into any problem or difficulty, it’s important that you know who to reach out to or go to for help.

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In this post, we will provide you with a list of useful contact numbers and organizations you can get in touch with if you are looking for help. Read below to know more…

Where to Get Help for Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

Getting Help for Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

First off, it’s important that we know the emergency hotlines in our place of residence.

For emergency (police, fire, ambulance) services within the city, you may dial 999.

The local police hotline is 2527 71777.

For other concerns, or if you would like to reach out to professional organizations that can provide you with a specific type of support, you may refer to the list (with links) below:

  1. General Counselling Services
    1. Baptist Hospitals Counselling Services
    2. Christian Action
    3. Happy Family
    4. Hong Kong Social Welfare Department (HS-SWD)
    5. Hong Kong Society of Counselling and Psychology (HKSCP)
    6. Jabez Counselling Service Centre
    7. St John’s Counselling Services Hong Kong (SJCSHK)
    8. The Samaritans
    9. Salvation Army – English Speaking Corps
    10. Unison Hong Kong
  2. Employment and Legal Counsel
    1. Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong (ATKI-HK)
    2. Christian Action Centre for Migrant Domestic Workers
    3. HELP for Domestic Workers
    4. Labour Department Employment Agencies Portal
    5. Migrante – Hong Kong
    6. Mission for Migrant Workers
    7. Pathfinders
    8. The Free Legal Advice Scheme
  3. Financial Counselling
    1. Enrich
    2. HELP for Domestic Helpers
  4. Pregnancy and Family Matters
    1. Family Planning Association
    2. HK-SWD Integrated Family Services
    3. Pathfinders
  5. Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence
    1. RainLily
  6. Labour Organizations
    1. Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers
    2. Filipino Migrant Workers’ Union (FMWU)
    3. Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Union (FADWU)
    4. Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU)
    5. Thai Regional Alliance in Hong Kong (TRAHK)
    6. The Hong Kong Coalition of Indonesian Migrants (KOTKIHO)
  7. Temporary Shelter
    1. Bethune House
    2. Caritas Hong Kong
    3. Christian Action Centre for Migrant Domestic Workers
    4. Christian Concern for the Homeless Association
    5. International Community Baptist Church
    6. Islamic Union of Hong Kong
    7. Jesus is Lord Church
    8. James’ Settlement
    9. The Salvation Army – Yee On Hostel

Source of Links from this page – http://www.fairagency.org/answers/can-find-help/

Other than friends and community we’ll end up becoming part of, it’s important that we know where to seek professional and legal services from specialized organizations willing to help. Of course, there’s also our Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong (PCG-HK) which offers a number of consular services for migrant workers and assistance to nationals.

Philippine Consulate General in HongKong

Contact Information

Address: 14th floor United Centre 95 Queensway, Admiralty Hong Kong
Tel. No.: +852 2823 8500
E-mail: hongkong.pcg@dfa.gov.ph

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