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Working abroad is a dream for many Filipinos; however, the path to getting there may not exactly be as easy as one would think. The task of finding a suitable job can be a big challenge for many and even those who get the opportunity sometimes shell out a lot of funds, then go into [...]

Working overseas is not something that is for everyone. It takes a lot of courage, patience, and determination to survive and thrive in a foreign place with little to no reassurance of success, even. However, this fact of life is something that Filipinos have come to embrace for the sake of their children and loved [...]

Despite the challenges of living alone and working to provide for the family, OFWs must also understand that without setting up contingency plans for themselves such as insurance packages, everything will be meaningless. We know that life can be unpredictable – one day you can be a healthy working individual, and a sick unemployed person [...]

Despite having four seasons, Hong Kong is also considered a subtropical country considering its proximity to the equator as well as the Pacific, where a number of typhoons originate from. ALSO READ: Things to Know Before Working in Hong Kong as an OFW That being said, Hong Kong has its own fair share of unpredictable [...]

Majority of the Filipino people are born and raised into Catholic families, and considering the fact that the Philippines is a widely Christian nation, any place where there is an OFW (which is practically everywhere), will have people visiting Catholic churches. ALSO READ: Here’s Where Domestic Helpers Can Seek Temporary Shelter in Hong Kong This [...]

Let’s face it. Despite the glitz and glamour of working overseas, it does not take the away the fact that OFWs still need to work hard in order to earn the attractive pay which many Filipinos could only dream to have back home. And while it’s true that providing for our families comes as top [...]

Many of us may already have an idea on what the requirements are for travelling and working abroad. For domestic helpers targeting to work in Hong Kong, the two primary requirements to be presented at the airport along with one’s travel documents are: A valid overseas employment certificate (OEC), which is issued by the Philippine [...]