Two Filipinas Involved in Online Prostitution Case Granted Bail After 8 Months

When Filipinos get involved in some kind of trouble with the law, it’s important to know where we can seek help or assistance from, especially if it’s one of getting involved with someone else’s doing like an employer or a co-worker.

Fortunately for some of those who do get involved in this types of cases, if they are given consideration or allowed bail for the charges filed against them.

Two Filipinas Involved in Online Prostitution Case Granted Bail After 8 Months
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Pinays Charged for Online Prostitution Case Allowed Bail After 8 Months

Recently, two Filipina domestic workers who were charged for involvement in an online-prostitition- service which was allegedly run by the two Filipinas’ employer, were freed on bail after being held in custody by authorities for nearly eight months, as shared in a report by the Sun.

The accused Filipinas, Jo-an Palpal-latoc, 40, and Jeanette Gallego, 47 were granted parole of $500 each by Magistrate Peter Law last Monday (January 7), after criticizing the prosecution for letting the case drag on while the two were detained.

There was no objection from the side of the prosecution regarding the Magistrate’s decision to grant bail to the charged Filipinas, however, he added a charge of money laundering against the helpers for their alleged role and aid in raising more than $20 million in earnings from the illegal operation which started back in 2009.

The two were beyond relief and shed tears of joy after hearing the ruling given by Magistrate Law, that they would be released on bail.

When they left the courthouse, the two shared that they thought they would be released for good after being detained by authorities for nearly eight months.

Accordingly, the two were taken by an officer of the Consulate to a shelter run by the Overseas Worker Welfare Office, which was given to court as their temporary address for the remainder of the case.

Magistrate Law deferred the case until Jan 28 for further investigation and legal counsel.

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