HK Woman Charged for Forging Documents to Filipinas Applying for Work in the UK

Even as Filipinos venture to work abroad, some of them still look for new and better opportunities offered elsewhere.

This being the case, recruitment issues happen both in the Philippines and even at the OFW’s host country. At best, there has to be solid coordination between the applicant and the government responsible for the resident involved to ensure the legality of the process and transactions involved in this endeavour.

HK Woman Charged for Forging Documents to Filipinas Applying for Work in the UK
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

HK Woman Offering to Help 2 Pinays Find Work in the UK Arrested for Forgery Charges

A Hong Kong woman who reportedly provided two Filipina domestic workers forged documents to support their application for work visa in the UK back in 2016, was ordered to appear on court on January 17, as shared in a report by the Sun HK.

This new development had affected the court ruling to be passed on Criselda Bantasan, 31; and Cristy Par, 47; who both pleaded guilty to using fake documents for their visa application in the US, which had been deferred until May 6.

The two Filipina domestic helpers were supposedly scheduled to be sentenced on January 4 at the District Court.

Presiding Judge Li Chi-ho shared that the development should come as good news, after the prosecutor announced the arrest of the intermediary Hong Kong woman and the delay in the sentencing of the two domestic helpers.

During the trial on January 4, only Bantasan appeared before court. And as the hearing got underway, the prosecutor updated Judge Li on the developments on the case since the last session in Oct last year.

She shared that the prosecution had gathered more details from Bantasan and Par which led to the arrest of Chan.

The prosecutor also reported that last November, the defendants had identified the woman in question in a video of the alleged Hong Kong link of a Manila-based visa scam.

The woman identified as “Chan” will be charged in Eastern Court, and the prosecution approximated that it will at least take two months before the case is raised to the District Court.

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