Filipino Serial ‘Peeping Tom’ Refused Bail by Hong Kong Court

Committing a violation against the law once is a big thing for expats especially overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) mainly because this puts them at risk for being blacklisted by Immigration officers overseas.

Aside from being charged for a fine or being sent to prison, offenders may also be at risk for deportation if proven guilty of charges filed against them, especially for repeat offences.

Filipino Serial ‘Peeping Tom’ Refused Bail by Hong Kong Court

Hong Kong Court Refuses Bail to Filipino Complained for Loitering in Ladies’ Mall

A Filipino man residing in Hong Kong has been denied bail by an Eastern Court following his arrest for complaints of straying into a ladies’ lavatory inside a shopping mall in Quarry Bay, as shared in a report by the Sun HK.

According to the prosecution, the arrest on the Filipino man, Eduardo Pakit, 44, is already his fourth time for charges of “loitering causing concern” for sneaking into women’s changing areas on a beach or toilets in shopping centres to watch or photograph them in secret.

The prosecution did not give any details on the other three previous cases against Pakit, however, local media carried reports on two of them.

The latest case in the series of charges on Pakit involved a local woman who reported seeing Pakit inside the ladies’ toilet inside a mall along King’s Road on Feb 17. The case was heard in court last Feb. 21.

Based on the statement given to prosecution, Pakit’s presence in the ladies’ room caused alarm from the female complainant regarding her safety and well-being.

The defendant, who works as a bartender, was arrested on February 19 after the complaint has been filed against him by the female complainant. An identity parade would be held on February 25 (Monday) to determine whether Pakit was the same man seen loitering inside the ladies’ toilet.

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