Two Filipina Helpers Allegedly Driven Out of Employer’s Residence

Hong Kong laws offer specific clauses for termination which will become basis for claims and complaints. This is also especially important for domestic helpers when looking for a new job in the country.

Therefore, it can be said that if either party violates the contract or does not follow the process set by the government regarding termination of employment based on the contract authorized by authorities, legal measures will definitely come into the picture.

Two Filipina Helpers Allegedly Driven Out of Employer’s Residence
Image Credit: Bernard Spragg/Flickr

Two Pinay DHs Sent Outside of Employer’s Residence at 2 in the Morning

Last January 6, a Filipina domestic worker was allegedly driven out of her employer’s residence at The Peak after she refused to sign a resignation letter, as shared in a report by the Sun.

28-year old Jerlyn Tribajo shared in a statement that she had gotten in an argument with her employer, a certain Ms Lau, after the latter received a complaint from Tribajo’s Hong Kong agent regarding her irregular meal and insufficient rest periods.

Tribajo had also reported to her agency about the incident when her employer’s dog had bitten her hand last month. Tribajo claimed that instead of having her given medical attention, her employer instead only applied cream to the wound.

Tribajo’s fellow helper, Tessa Bas (29), claimed that she was also driven out from the same house when their employer saw that she has a suitcase ready in the house.

All this happened at 2 am when Tribajo’s employer had asked her to write a resignation letter, but she refused and told her employer to terminate her instead. This had apparently angered Tribajo’s employer which drove her to yank Tribajo out her bed in the room she shared with Bas.

The violent streak did not simply end there, claimed Tribajo as she was yanked by the arm when her employer attempted to take her cellphone, but only stopped when she screamed in pain. This gave her an opportunity to call the police.

When authorities arrived half an hour later, the employer told the two helpers to leave the house.

The two were referred by a fellow Filipina maid to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office, where they were assisted to file a complaint and advised to seek their agency’s help in filing a claim against their employer.

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