7 Filipinos Charged for Illegal Gambling Fined HKD 500 Each

One of the things which OFWs are prone to after and even while still working overseas is getting involved in (illegal) gambling.

And while this is a sad reality because we know that Filipinos are hard-working people who do their best to provide for their families back home, the clutches of temptation and vices can still get to even the best of us, in our unguarded moments or through the influence of bad company or even friends.

7 Filipinos Charged for Illegal Gambling Fined HKD 500 Each

7 Filipinos Involved in Illegal Gambling Fined HKD 500 Each

On March 12, seven Filipino nationals, three of them women, along with three local Chinese nationals, were each slapped with a fine of HKD 500 after pleading guilty to illegal gambling in North Point three months ago, as shared in a report by the Sun HK.

The group was among the 12 arrested during a police raid at an illegal casino allegedly operated by Hong Kong man Tsang Tak-ming on a 14thfloor office in Bank Tower at 351-353 King’s Road, North Point on December 7 of last year.

The seven Filipino nationals who pleaded guilty to the charges were Rolando Ledesma, 49; Carolina Fung, 46; RJ Raqueño, 30; Robert Aromin, 42; Thelma G. Abuan, 43; Liziel Retrita, 44, and Yiu Ka-wing (Michael G David), 28. Their fine of HKD 500 each was to be collected from their bail money.

Meanwhile, the alleged operator of the illegal gambling establishment, Tsang, 29, who faces charges of possessing dangerous drugs on top of his illegal gambling operation, made no court appearance. Also missing on court was Thai female Jantip Chaimong, 28, who was charged of illegal gambling, as well.

The order for Tsang and Chaimong’s arrest came from Magistrate Peter Law. Magistrate Law ordered to scrap their police bails of HKD 5,000 and HKD 500, respectively.

Initial reports noted that a total of 15 people were arrested during the police raid, but only 12 were charged on court. The raid was conducted by officers of the Special Duty Squad of the Eastern District Police.

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