PCG-HK All Set to Facilitate Month-long Overseas Elections

With just a few months to go before the May 2019 elections, Filipinos from all over the world are busy making a shortlist of the candidates they will vote for who would be responsible in creating important laws that would affect the various sectors of the country, in the next six years at least.

This goes to everyone of legal and voting age to participate in this important event in Philippine history, wherever you may be in the world. And in line with this, the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong is also busy doing its part to ensure that the 2019 OAV event in the country will be held as systematically and smoothly as possible.

PCG-HK All Set to Facilitate Month-long Overseas Elections
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PCG Gears up to Oversee Month-long Overseas Absentee Voting in HK

On February 24, Consul General Antonio A. Morales and Comelec Executive Director Jose Tolentino signed a memorandum of agreement regarding the conduct of the midterm ballot from April 13 to May 13 this year, as shared in a report by the Sun HK.

And with all systems go for the month-long overseas voting for Filipinos in Hong Kong, Filipinos in Hong Kong are all expected vote for 12 senators and a party-list during the elections.

According to Consul Robert Quintin, head of the Consulate’s cultural section, the MOA authorizes the PCG as the legal entity to represent Comelec in Hong Kong in conducting the midterm election.

Quintin further explained that the Consulate has already come up with a number of ideas as to how they will conduct the electoral process, but nothing has been made final or official as of yet. He added that they will hold a meeting with Filipino community leaders to mobilize their support for the upcoming election.

In the meantime, Quintin advised Filipino registered voters to keep posted for announcements that the Consulate will soon be posting on its Facebook page in regard to the midterm election in Hong Kong.

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