Government Agencies and Phone Numbers to Call for Help in Hong Kong

Do you need help? If it is a resounding yes, then this will help you in many ways. But, if you don’t see yourself needing one these days then this will still be handy in the future. Living in a foreign country can sometimes leave us wondering who to contact or where to go. Never fear! There are government agencies and NGOs that are willing to give a helping hand, and provide solutions to your current situation.

Is it stressing you out? Relax! You may be in a difficult situation or just simply preparing yourself for the what ifs in the future; visa extension, renewal of passport, inhumane treatment etc, but knowing the right agency and people to communicate with, will definitely ease your mind.

People to Call for Help in Hong Kong

The following lists are usual questions/situations that you may encounter in the future. The following agencies may help you find a better solution.

  1. Passport Renewal

If you need to renew your passport, then you can call the embassy and book an appointment. You can also email your application (epassport application form) to

The Philippine Consulate-Hong Kong
Address: 14th floor United Centre 95 Queensway, Admiralty Hong Kong
Contact Number: 9155 4023

  1. My agency is in possession of my passport

Your passport is a personal belonging, and should always remain with you. It is illegal for your employment agency to hold it. In such cases, you can call and ask for help from the Labour Relations Division under the Labour Department.

The Labour Relations Division will help you solve the problem.


Hong Kong East Office
12/F City Plaza Three, 14 Taikoo Wan Road, Taikoo Shing Hong Kong
Hong Kong West Office

3/F Western Magistracy Building 2A Porfulam Road Hong Kong
Contact Number: 2717 1771

  1. Complaints against illegal employment agency

If you just found out upon working in Hong Kong that you were recruited by an illegal employment agency, then all you need to do is call EAA( Employment Agencies Administration) of the Labour Department. They will assist you in your complains against the illegal recruitment agency.

Address: Unit 906, 9/F One Mong Kok Road Commercial Centre, One Mong Kok Road Kowloon
Contact number: 2115 3667

  1. Is my Employment agency holding a valid license in Hong Kong?

If you are in search of an employment agency, or you simply want to know if your Employment agency is currently holding a valid license in Hong Kong, then you can do it in a snap. You can check it online through the EAA( Employment Agencies Administration) website.

  1. Problems with employers and employment agencies

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office is a Philippine government agency that can help you with your issues with your employer or agency. If you feel more at ease or expressing yourself in our native language, then this agency can give you a helping hand.

Address: Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Harcourt Rd, 18號號 11th & 16th Floor Admiralty Centre Tower 1
Contact number: +852 5529 1880

  1. Physical Abuse

Are you suffering from physical or verbal abuse from your employer? Don’t suffer in silence. Look after yourself and well being, there are a lot of compassionate people who are ready to help you. You can call Hong Kong police to help you with this serious matter.

Contact number: 999

  1. Concerns about Wage, Rest day and Holiday

Remember that you are entitled to a rest day once a week; you should also be paid in full of your monthly wage base in your contract. However, if you are not receiving your pay on time or you are not paid in full, or you are not given any rest day, then you can call the Labour Department about this concern; they will assist you in any disputes you have with your employer, and receive the rights you are entitled to.

Labour Department
Contact number:2717 1771
Send message online:,hk/eng/based/mobileapp.aspx

  1. Applying for Visa/Extension of stay

If you are applying for an extension of stay, then the Immigration Department is the one you should go to. You can send your application thru mail or in person.

Mail: Foreign Domestic Helpers Section, Immigration Department
3/F Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Walk- in: Receipt and Despatch Sub Unit. Immigration Department
2/F Immigration Tower,7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Inquiry: 2824 6111

So the above mentioned are the agencies and their contact numbers that you can turn to in times of difficulties, just in case you may need them in the future. As a foreign worker, it is good to know that there are agencies that will assist you in all your concerns, during your stay in Hong Kong. Keep in mind, you may be in a foreign country, but you are not alone and helpless. Empower yourself with the knowledge that can be useful or may be of help to others.

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