6 Things to Do to Deal with Homesickness

Oh, Hong Kong! It feels good to be living and working in a lively and vibrant city. Now, you’re dream is slowly coming true. But then, homesickness hits you! It’s a feeling slowly eating your heart out, and no bright lights and spectacular scenery can uplift your spirit. Truth be told, this is one of the battles many of us have been coping up with. There is nothing like living in the Philippines! Admit it, you miss your neighbors’ videoke marathon, you miss the smell of fried rice and tuyo(salted dried fish) in the morning, you miss the noise in the street that says you are home, and you definitely miss the warm hugs and kisses of your family. There is nothing like home.

According to Dictionary.com, homesickness is a saddened emotion that one feels when away from home for a long time. Home is where we left the ones familiar to us, so it normal to long for it while you are away from it. However, homesickness is inevitable, it is something that each and every one of us will go through. But reality bites, you have to work and earn enough to have a better future. The question is, how are you going to cope up with it? How are you going to turn Hong Kong like living in the Philippines?

Homesickness and how to cope with it

Here are some ways to ease the homesickness away;

  1. Video Call

In this time and age, there are so many ways to stay in touch with our love ones, and one way is through Video call. You can see your family in real time, and express yourself better through this medium. There are many applications which can be used for free, provided you have mobile data or internet connection- Skype and Facebook Messenger to name a few.

  1. Mobile Messenger

If you are feeling lonely, and want to simply exchange quick text messages, or send emoticons J with your family and friends, then this one is truly a lifesaver. Again, this one is for free so there is no need to worry on how to shorten your messages, you can send as many messages you like. Whatsapp, Line, Kakaotalk, Facebook Messenger are a few of the widely used mobile messengers all over the country.

  1. Meet New People (Join clubs or organizations)

Meeting Filipinos in Hong Kong is not an issue here. All you need to do is go out every Sunday, overcome your shyness and approach the Filipinos who are gathered around the streets of Hong Kong. It won’t fail; someone will always welcome you into his or her group. Why don’t you also try joining clubs that strike your fancy, like a Mother’s Club, Music Club etc? Here are some of the organizations you can join in Hong Kong;

  • Hong Kong Musicians Union
  • The United Filipinos in Hong Kong
  • Philippine Association of Hong Kong
  1. Form a Hobby

Find your passion, or simply try a new skill. There are a lot of things that you can do to occupy your free time or motivate you. If you want to feel peace within or be relaxed, then why don’t you try Yoga; If taking pictures is your passion, then why don’t you join a Photography class and master that skill. Take a picture of your life in Hong Kong, and keep the memories; If you like painting, it is the right time to express your feeling in a canvass; if you also like writing, then try blogging and write about your experience working abroad. There are hundreds of hobbies that you can form and master while in Hong Kong that can somehow make you forget about your homesickness.

  1. Learn The Language

Language barrier is the common problem foreign workers face. In order to break that barrier, it would be better to learn phrases or words that can help you express yourself. Even though English is used in Hong Kong, most residents speak Cantonese and Mandarin. Learning a new language is fun and it would be to your advantage when looking for a new employer.

  1. Filipino food

Are you craving for Pansit, Bicol Express, Adobo and Sinigang? We like to try foreign dishes, but Filipino food is just something we can’t live without. So, if you find yourself craving for Sisig or Sinigang na Bangus, why don’t you look for a Filipino restaurant and satisfy your cravings. Here are some Filipino restaurants in Hong Kong;

  • What is the perfect match in this hot humid day? Halo-halo! Imagine that shaved ice with beans, ube and ice cream. Drop by at Cinta-J Restaurant and Lounge, where you can eat your halo-halo while listening to live music.
  • The crispy skin of Chicken joy, the sweetness of Jolly spaghetti and that familiar bee welcoming you as you enter the restaurant. Who doesn’t love Jollibee? Yes, there is no need to worry; Jollibee is here to make you feel at home.
  • If you are one of the many Filipinos who love Balut, then you can drop by Food Trip Bedana’s Filipino Restaurant. They have an outdoor and indoor set up which will make you feel like you’re home in the Philippines.
  • If you miss singing your heart out in your Karaoke at home while having a boodle fight with your family, then pack your bags and visit Dabarkadz. It will definitely be a fun bonding moments with your friends.

While it is true that homesickness is a part of working overseas, you don’t need to sulk and wallow in your sadness. In this new era, there are many things that can connect you to your family, and feel like you are just beside them. Forming new friends, and hobbies can make things bearable. Remember, working overseas is a good memory to keep and will help you form new skills.

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