Filipina Maid Found Dead in Apartment; Another Injured in Car Accident

Just like everyone else, domestic workers have families they wish to be with if only they could. However, circumstances and the lack of opportunities back home push them to make a decision to help their loved ones “survive,” even at the expense of their dreams and aspirations in life.

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It’s not so difficult to imagine why the domestic services industry has always been one of our strengths as a country; throw in poverty and family values in the equation, and we get willing victims for a breadwinner who can only do so much for the entire brood.

Filipina Domestic Worker Found Dead in Shatin Apartment; Another Injured in Car Accident
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Maid Commits Suicide; Another Hospitalized After Getting Hit by a Car

And while some are more determined than others in taking on that sacrificial role, there are also those who couldn’t cope with the pressure of working overseas, as in the case of a 35-year old Filipina domestic worker who was found dead – a case of suicide, at her employer’s home in Shatin in Hong Kong’s New Territories on Friday (May 17), as shared in a report by the Asia Times.

At around 7:30 am, the 41-year-old male employer with the surname “Mok” found out that his employee had hung herself in an apartment at Carado Garden in Shatin.

When Mok came into the scene, he discovered that his employee was unconscious, and so he immediately called for an ambulance. However, when the Firemen and police officers arrived, the worker was pronounced dead at the scene. There was no suicide note found.

After an initial investigation, the police learned that the worker was recently unhappy about family matters, and that there was no crime angle related to the death. The incident was considered as a “person found hanging” case.

Meanwhile, a 64-year old Filipina was rushed to the hospital on Sunday morning after being hit by a car in North Point, Hong Kong.

The Filipina, who was identified as “Sofia,” sustained a head injury and collapsed and passed out after being hit by an unidentified vehicle. When paramedics arrived on the scene, they rushed her to Ruttonjee Hospital in Wan Chai.

The 44-year old Austrian driver, on the other hand, was tested for alcohol in his breath on site and passed. As per Google Map, there are no zebra (pedestrian) crossings nearby. Officers are still investigating the cause of the incident.

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