[VIDEO] ‘Unstable’ Man Draws Flak on Social Media for Kicking MTR Door

In countries with good public transportation such as Hong Kong, rarely do we get news about train delays and disruptions – at least due to technical issues. However, it’s also not uncommon to find uncharacteristic behaviours of passengers in public areas, such as those who have been drinking or are emotionally disturbed.

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Such is the case of a video making the rounds on social media, involving a train passenger who was in an unstable emotional condition to have behaved in such an unruly manner, drawing the ire of citizens on social media.

[VIDEO] ‘Emotionally Unstable’ Man Draws Flak on Social Media After Kicks MTR Door
A screengrab of a video posted by user Stanley Yip on Facebook

[WATCH] Man Causes Train Delay After Kicking, Budging MTR Doors

A 30-second clip showing the aforementioned man kicking a train door several times to stop it closing went viral on social media on Friday (May 3), as shared in a report by the Asia Times.

Around 10 pm, a Hong Kong man was seen kicking and forcing the train doors to open and stop closing at Kowloon’s Lok Fu Station. The man even stood near the platform gap, and used his body to block the closing door.

In the video, when the man saw a male MTR staff member coming, he swore at him and asked him why the train wouldn’t start moving.

The staff member attempted to calm the visibly outraged man who seemed to be in an unstable emotional condition.

As the video had started to gain more views on social media, netizens criticized the man’s unruly behaviour. The spokesperson for the rail operator confirmed that the incident had happened on Friday night and had already reported the case to the police.

After an initial investigation, the police noted that the incident did not involve any criminal damage and classified the case as a dispute. As per MTR by-laws, if anyone opens or attempts to open any gate or door from a station platform, the maximum penalty is a fine of HKD 5,000 (USD 637) and six months imprisonment.

In this case, authorities are looking at the man’s mental and emotional state at the time of the incident, and evaluating the damage (if there had been any) to hold him accountable, on top of the public disruption that he has caused inside the train where there are other passengers who might have been affected by the commotion he has willfully caused. At any rate, civilians are expected to report any form of disturbances caused by other passengers inside train cars to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

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