Pinay OFW Featured in ‘Humans of New York,’ Shares Hardships of Domestic Helpers

Nowadays, one’s story can become their passport to the world as we see people becoming featured in international TV shows like Oprah or Ellen, or becoming instant sensations through YouTube, and the likes.

However, behind the recognition and attention these people get, there is a story that every human being regardless of race, gender or color can relate to. And for a Filipina domestic worker in Hong Kong whose story was featured in a top-ranking blog ‘Humans of New York’, her life story, just like for many of us Filipinos, is deeply anchored on the family.  

Pinay OFW in HK Featured in ‘Humans of New York’, Shares Hardships of Domestic Helpers
Credits: Humans of New York / Facebook

Filipina Domestic Helper Shares Her Story in ‘Humans of New York’ 

In a post shared through their Facebook page last Nov. 2, the Humans of New York featured the story of a Pinay OFW who left the Philippines at an early age after her father died.

The Filipina shared that she was only 21 years old when she left her hometown to look for work abroad after her father died of cancer.

We have a big family: four brothers and four sisters.  And there was nobody to support us. There was no work in our province, so I had to leave,” she said.

The Filipina has been working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong for 15 years since then.

She shares, “I’ve been working abroad for fifteen years now.  I’m a domestic helper. I’ve been lucky because my employers have been kind.  But I’ve been away for so long. It’s been a hard battle for me. It’s been a sad life.” 

Though sad because she is not living with her family, the Filipina also noted that she feels like she’s a winner when she sees her family having a better life.

She further explains, “[It’s] sad in a way.  Sad because of what I’ve been through.  But victorious in a way, too. Because I’ve seen my family better than before.  Three of my siblings have graduated from university with my help. And I’ve paid school fees for loads of nieces and nephews.

Despite her struggles and hardships, the Pinay OFW shared that her work as a domestic helper, though tough, is a rewarding and decent one. 

Being a domestic helper is a tough job, but it’s a clean job.  It’s an honest job. And I worked hard at it. I’m proud of what I’ve done.  I don’t want to seem like I’m boasting. I’m not proud that way. But proud in a way like I did my part,” she said.

Also, the Filipina shared that she’s very excited to come back home to the Philippines for good once her contract ends.

For her, it’s a goal accomplished for her family, and now it’s her chance to spend time with her loved ones, whom she dedicated all her labor and hardships for through all those 15 years of working as an OFW.

Because of her love and dedication to her family, the Filipina won the hearts and earned the respect of netizens who poured out their well-wishes and support to the Filipina.

Pinay OFW in HK Featured in ‘Humans of New York’, Shares Hardships of Domestic Helpers
Screenshot taken from Humans of New York / Facebook

We also take pride in your joy in helping your family lead a better life. There’s no better way to represent the true Filipino spirit!

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