HK Man Arrested for Allegedly Molesting Filipina on Bus

Other than workplace harassment or domestic abuse, women are also prone to cat-calling and other forms of indecent assault in public. It is for this reason that women are advised to dress and act appropriately in public, especially in the presence of strangers who may have tendencies to approach women and perform inappropriate acts on them.

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And while the police and authorities can be approached to report such cases in public, there are also some rare instances when bystanders and the general public are quick to help and respond in such cases.

A screengrab of a video posted by HKBusChannel on Facebook

Man Mobbed by Passengers for Allegedly Molesting Filipina on Bus

Such is the case when the police were able to arrest a 59-year old man, who allegedly molested a Filipina on a bus last Saturday (May 4), as shared in a report by

Around 12:10 pm, a 32-year old Filipina, who was on board a Citybus route 5B heading to Sai Wan on Hong Kong Island, accused the man of inappropriately touching her while on the bus.

To this call for help, several bus passengers, including the bus driver on the lower deck, stopped the man from escaping, which was seen on this video clip circulating on social media.

In the video, a passenger was seen apprehending the suspect and warning him not to move. However, the man reacted by attempting to land a punch on the passenger and push him out of the way as he tried to make a run for the bus exit.

But through the help of the bus driver, the passenger was able to get a hold of the man and prevent him from escaping, though he continued to struggle, which prompted a man passing by to get on the bus and offer his assistance.

After struggling to apprehend the suspect, the three men were able to subdue him on the ground and to prevent him from fleeing anymore, as they kept both his hands tied on his back.

A little while after, the police arrested the man for alleged indecent assault.

It was a good thing that there were people in the area who were ready and willing to offer help to the woman who had called for help inside the bus.

In such situations, it’s also important to assess the circumstances that you are faced with. Had there been no person available to offer help, the victim could have called the attention of the driver, and hopefully police personnel in the area could have handled the situation.

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