OFW Families of 2 Pinay Helpers Killed in Accident Given HKD 800,000 in Employee Compensation

Working as an overseas Filipino worker abroad (OFW) does not exempt anyone from accidents and other untoward incidents, which could result to death as in the case of those who have been involved in the road accident in Hong Kong in November of last year.

Despite the tragedy, some people are still lucky enough to receive compensation for the effort of their loved ones at work at the time of their death. And this all boils down on how well their host country is equipped with insurance and labour protection laws as in the case here in Hong Kong.

OFW Families of 2 Pinay DHs Killed in Accident Awarded $800K in Employee Compensation

$800K Employee Compensation Granted to Families of 2 OFWs Killed in Accident

In a report shared by the Sun HK, the families of the two Filipina domestic helpers who died in separate accidents at work in Hong Kong have been given compensation amounting to $800,000 in employee compensation.

The amount, which is given to workers who have died in the course of their work, does not cover other claims that they are entitled to from other sources, such as that for personal injury due to accidents, unclaimed salaries, and long service  pay, among others.

The first case was granted to the husband and son of Geraldine Betasolo, (37), who died a few days after she had been hit by a van in Taipo last November.  Geraldine’s beneficiaries received $437,220 as compensation for the tragic incident.

The second case went to the beneficiaries of Rinalyn Duollog, (35), who died after falling off her employer’s residence in Tseung Kwan O while she was cleaning the windows, back in August 2016. As Rinalyn was unmarried, her son received the bulk (or 80%) of the compensation which amounted to $375, 950. The remaining 20% went to her parents and grandfather, in accordance with the EC Ordinance.

Furthermore, as per the ordinance, the share of the minor beneficiaries of the deceased will be kept locked in a trust fund until they reach the age of eligibility.

In line with this, PCG-HK  Labatt dela Torre shared that the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration was already arranging the trust fund for Rinalyn’s minor son, Tristan Jay Duollog, at the Lad Bank of the Philippines to satisfy the terms imposed by the insurance company that will shoulder the compensation.

In Hong Kong, the minimum compensation given for work-related deaths that occurred beyond April 2017 has been set at $408, 960. But the total payout could be higher, depending on the salary and age of the worker, as in the case of Geraldine.

To know more about employee compensation laws in Hong Kong, you may refer on this link.

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