Filipina Domestic Helper Dies in Beach Incident at Tuen Mun

Taking a holiday off is not always about fun and exciting escapades, as not too far from these happenings are accidents waiting to happen. For this reason, both adults and children are being advised to take caution, regardless of the activity they choose to take part of.

It is in moments that we are too excited or relaxed that unfortunate events slip from the background. Therefore, whether we are alone or with the company of friends or family, it’s important to keep an alert mind to be able to handle untoward situations, or better yet, avoid them as they are about to happen.

Filipina Domestic Helper Dies in Beach Incident in Tuen Mun
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Pinay Helper Drowns in Tuen Mun Beach in Hong Kong

Unfortunately, this has not been the case with a 25-year-old Filipina domestic helper who drowned at Butterfly Beach in Tuen Mun while swimming with a group of friends on Monday afternoon, July 1, as shared in a report by the Sun HK.

The victim, who was identified as Jenny Gonong Lacson, was found unconscious at 3:37 pm near the shark net that protects the beach, according to a spokeswoman for the Police Public Relations Branch.

Lacson, whose identity had only been confirmed by the officer, was brought to the Tuen Mun Hospital but was already pronounced dead upon arrival. However, the officer noted that the exact cause of her death is still being investigated.

At around 11 am, shortly after Lacson’s personal effects were found on the beach, a search and rescue operation involving two police helicopters, pump boats and officers on the ground was launched.

The search and rescue operation went viral on social media because of earlier reports that the missing Filipina was found asleep and drunk in a toilet at the beach. However, the police clarified that they have no record of such an incident.

Another cause of confusion surrounding the incident was the fact that the victim almost had the same name as her sister, who had left for the Philippines only a day before the incident.

The name of the victim’s sister is Jennelyn or Jen Lacson. The victim, on the other hand, was reportedly more known by her nickname Aiza, although her real name was Jenny.

According to one of the witnesses to the incident, Jennifer Debaja, the victim’s sister told her that Aiza knew how to swim. And because of this, the family was shocked to hear about the unfortunate incident on the beach.

Swimming in open seas is definitely challenging, if not dangerous, even for those who are skilled at swimming, because there are many external factors that could happen in this kind of environment.

We would like to express our condolences to the family of the victim, and would like to remind everyone to remain on high alert, even when having fun during their holidays off.

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