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List of Hong Kong Public Holidays in 2021

Even if there are still a few days for the current year, many of us are already looking forward to the New Year. And why not? They say, with a new year comes an opportunity to “turn a new leaf.” But for working people like us, the New Year means a new chance to do better at our jobs, as well as to get that vacation leave we’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford to have yet.

In this post, we will give you a guide of all the public holidays observed in Hong Kong this 2021. You can use this to plan for your next vacation or anything you find useful for your free time.

List of Hong Kong Public Holidays in 2021

2021 Public Holidays in Hong Kong

As we all know, Hong Kong is an administrative region of China (not a province), and so most of its public holidays are influenced by those observed in Mainland China.

If you plan to have that much-needed vacation with family in 2021 since travel had been so difficult in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, be sure to bookmark this page so you can easily plan the days when you can file your leaves from work.

  • January 1 (Friday) – New Year’s Day
  • February 12 (Friday) – Lunar New Year’s Day
  • February 13 (Saturday) – The Second Day of Lunar New Year
  • February 14 (Sunday) – The Third Day of Lunar New Year
  • February 15 (Monday) – The Fourth Day of Lunar New Year
  • April 2 (Friday) – Good Friday
  • April 3 ( Saturday) – The day following Good Friday
  • April 5 (Monday) – The day following Ching Ming Festival
  • April 6 (Sunday) – The day following Easter Monday
  • May 1 (Saturday) – Labour Day
  • May 19 (Wednesday) – Buddha’s Birthday
  • June 14 (Monday) – Tuen Ng Festival
  • July 1 (Thursday) – Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
  • September 22 (Wednesday) – The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
  • October 1 (Friday) – National Day
  • October 14 (Thursday) – Chung Yeung Festival
  • December 25 (Saturday) – Christmas Day
  • December 27 (Monday) – The first weekday after Christmas Day

In an official statement, a Government spokesman noted, “As the third day of Lunar New Year in 2021 falls on a Sunday, the fourth day of Lunar New Year is designated as a general holiday in substitution. Besides, as Ching Ming Festival in 2021 falls on a Sunday, the following day will be designated as a general holiday in substitution.  However, as the day following Ching Ming Festival and Easter Monday fall on the same day, the next following day that is not itself a general holiday will be observed as an additional general holiday. With regard to the proposal for gradually increasing the number of statutory holidays, we need to make an objective assessment of the financial burden on employers brought by the proposal and its impact on the society and economy, etc.  After completing the analysis, we will submit it to the Labour Advisory Board for discussion this year.”

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There’s much to anticipate in 2021, especially now that efforts to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine are already being made in some parts of the world. But aside from that, many people including OFWs are ready to start anew after all the challenges and lessons learned in 2020.

As in other parts of the world, the dates of holidays are subject to change as per official announcements by the government. To be sure, you can check with the government’s official website as the date of the holiday approaches.

What are the things that you look forward to doing during the public holidays in 2021? Do let us know by leaving your comments in the section below!