ADVISORY: Filipinos in Hong Kong Cautioned to Stay Away from Demonstration Hot Spots in the City

Despite the early suspension of the proposed bill concerning fugitive nationals in the country, the unrest seems to be steadily brewing on the side-lines, as the people are calling for the complete retraction of the bill along with the resignation of Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

Until either of the two or both are achieved, the series of demonstrations are expected to push through in key areas in the city, to which local authorities warn residents to stay clear from in order not to be involved should any untoward incident occur.

Filipinos in Hong Kong Cautioned to Stay Away from Demonstration Hot Spots in the City

PCG-HK Warns Filipinos to Steer Clear from Demonstration Sites in the City

The same warning has been issued by the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong, as the protests and rallies in the country intensify, citing places where protesters converge.

In the post shared by the PCG-HK via Facebook, Filipino authorities urged the members of the community to stay away from demonstration areas.

Furthermore, the consulate advised Filipinos to refrain from heading towards Admiralty and Wan Chai to avoid inconvenience and any untoward incident.

According to local authorities, MTR operations at Admiralty and Wan Chai have been currently suspended.

According to a related news piece shared by the AFP News Agency, anti-government protesters smashed windows of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council and tried to force their way into the building by ramming a metal cart through the glass doors, to which police attempted to neutralize them using pepper spray.

The tension was further aggravated between the protesters and police when the latter used pepper spray and batons against anti-government protesters.

The government has already condemned the extremely violent acts committed by some protesters who stormed the Legislative Council Complex on July 1, using a roll cage trolley as a ram and iron poles to shatter the glass doors.
Here’s an advisory posted on Facebook posted by PCG in Hongkong

Officials expressed that while Hong Kong is a society that respects the rule of law, it has also never tolerated violence.

At this warning, officials announced that protesters who resort to violence must stop their acts immediately, as the police have been authorized to take appropriate enforcement action to protect public order and safety.

This being said, Filipinos best ought to stay away from areas where any organized demonstrations may take place. The PCG has also reminded Filipino nationals to remain on high alert when visiting key offices in the city, such as the Immigration Tower as well as other public offices.


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