Top 10 Tourist Spots in HK

Hong Kong is one of the most visited attractions in Asia. Truth be told, it really is! Plenty of travelers visit Hong Kong to experience what this region has to offer. It offers different tourist spots and you can get lost in the small alleys, huge skyscrapers and abundant attractions.

So, if you are planning an Asian tour, consider traveling to Hong Kong and visit these top 10 tourist spots:

Major Tourist Attractions in Hongkong

1. Avenue of Stars

Just like Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, Avenue of Stars was built to pay tribute to Hong Kong’s artists in the film industry. The legendary movie actor and martial artist Bruce Lee has his own bronze sculpture. During Chinese New Year, the Avenue is a great spot for viewing the fireworks display.

2. Golden Bauhinia Square

Also known as the Expo Promenade, it presents the 66-foot golden bauhinia blakeana statue that symbolizes Hong Kong’s independence from Britain’s colony. Visitors may participate in the daily flag raising ceremony.

3. Tian Tan Buddha

Popularly known as the Big Buddha, it is relatively one of the cultural attractions in Hong Kong that is often visited by tourists because of its natural history. It takes 268 steps to reach the purely bronzed-made Big Buddha, which is quite a sight to behold with its. Once you reach the top, it truly is breathtaking!

4. Disneyland

Dubbed as the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland has always been a magical tourist attraction that not only lures kids, but adults too. Watch the Golden Mickey, Lion King’s and the Philharmagic 3D show and meet and greet with your favorite Disney stars. Enjoy the nerve-wracking rides too! In the evening, Disneyland hosts a colorful parade and a great fireworks display!

5. The Peak

Riding The Peak Tram is the quickest way to arrive at The Peak. Once you reach there, you can see the Peak Tower, and get an awesome view of the city. To be able to get a marvelous 360-degree panoramic view of Hong Kong, get an admission for the Sky Terrace 428. It is indeed magical from above!

6. Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds unveils wax figures with special effects of local and international stars, such as Jacky Chan, Yao Ming, Barrack Obama and more. Don’t forget to take a selfie with your favorite celebrity!

7. Oceanpark

Panda, dolphin and penguin lovers must really be excited to see their favorite animals in action. The dolphin encounter is amazing! The Grand Aquarium showcases various kinds of sea creatures. And of course, the rides here are extreme. So, prepare yourself and face your fear!

8.Clock Tower, Skyline and Symphony of Lights

Hong Kong’s Skyline is by far one of the best in the world. With the fast development and rise of tall buildings in the city, it has become a major attraction for tourists. In the evening, the Symphony of Lights is awaited by visitors who want to witness the multimedia light and laser show.

The Clock Tower is another awe-inspiring landmark you must see in Hong Kong. The 144-foot tall structure is also a part of the newest attraction, 3D light show.

9. Ten Thousand Budhhas Monastery

To reach the temple and view around 12800 buddhas, you should climb about 400 steps. Be ready for it! Unlike other monasteries, it is managed only by followers and has no resident monks.

10. Ladies’ Market

Located in Tung Choi Street, Mongkok, it is the most famous street market in the area. It is named after the ladies because huge discounts are on women’s items. So, girls, get ready for shopping!

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