5 Reasons why Pinoys go to Hong Kong for Work

Hong Kong is now becoming one of the many working destinations for Filipinos. For new graduates, seeking job abroad is always considered. Here are the top 5 reasons why Pinoys go to Hong Kong for work:

1. Lesser job opportunities in the Philippines

Graduates are eagerly excited to land a job after graduation. But the truth is, it is never easy to find one. Most local companies are requiring experience which, of course, the new graduate has none yet. Although some companies may not require experience, you also need high grades in your transcript. What’s more alarming today in the Philippines is the job mismatch. Some applicants just accept job offers that are not really connected with their professions just to have a job to feed oneself. Even registered nurses are now working in call-centers.

Hong Kong, on the other hand, has a lot to offer to the young professionals. Whether you’re a professional or a skilled employee, there are tons of job opportunities waiting for you in Hong Kong.

2. Better benefits and protection for OFWs from the government

Many government officials are now passing bills that offer good benefits and protection for the overseas Filipino workers. Of course, applicants are enticed to work abroad because of better benefits when working abroad that are not offered to local workers. Also, the Philippine government has accreditation to some foreign employers that would secure the job orders and safety of the Filipino workers.

For applicants, it is always better to apply to companies that are recognized by the Philippine government as partners. When problems arise regarding the employer, it would be easier to help the worker and file sanction to the employer. Once you work in Hong Kong, holidays and days-off are observed carefully.

3. Discrimination when applying jobs locally

Yes, you cannot deny the fact that discrimination in applying jobs in the Philippines still exists. Many job postings are listed in a newspaper, but when you read the qualifications, it would always include the age, degree finished, pleasing personality, experience and others. In Hong Kong, you can see their workers young or old. And many OFWs especially the domestic helpers in Hong Kong are not that young. As long as you are still able to function and do the work well, you are highly employable.

4. Pressure from family and friends

If you are not from a wealthy family, working abroad could be one option of lifting the family’s financial status. Most head of the family or breadwinners often consider working as an OFW to help support the family’s financial needs. You cannot blame your parents for your current situation because they too have been frustrated by the government’s economic situation. Also, your friends, neighbors and batch-mates may have found a good employer abroad so you will be thinking, why not you too? They have already somehow managed to send their siblings to college and have provided enough for the family. For most Filipinos, working abroad is the only way out of poverty.

5. Well compensated

You will be away from your friends and family back home, but trust me, it will be very rewarding. As an OFW in Hong Kong, you will have a chance to earn a fortune. As a matter of fact, even domestic helpers are compensated well in Hong Kong.

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