Hong Kong to Make ‘Monopoly Dreams’ a Reality

For many of us, part of our childhood is composed of playing board games with friends, or staying up late to finish an engaging computer game, for which our parents would have probably scolded us a hundred times to count.

This time around, as part of the country’s impressive tourist attractions, one of our favourite childhood games will become a reality in real-life proportions here in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong to Make ‘Monopoly Dreams’ a Reality
Credits: Monopoly Dreams

Soon, Visit Hong Kong’s ‘Monopoly Dreams’ at the Peak

Whether you’re in it for the spirit of friendly competition, the thrill of racking up expensive properties, or just to have a fun way to pass the time, board games have and will always have its unique charms to kids and even to those who are young at heart.

On that note, traveling overseas for a vacation would definitely become a lot memorable if you get to do it with friends or family, and while you’re at it, why don’t you go play a game of good ‘ole Monopoly for old times’ sake? Only this time, you get to play in a much more realistic environment when you visit Monopoly Dreams at the Peak here in Hong Kong.

Enter Mr. Monopoly’s 20,000 sq. ft. mansion and play the game of “chance” and “opportunity” as you monopolize your way to the top and help solve a case at hand involving a mysterious man who’s out to stal Mr. Monopoly’s diamond sceptre.

Expect an exhilarating adventure while reminiscing the good old times as you encounter familiar game elements, made even better through augmented reality technology and 4d interactive projections.

The latest tourist attraction is set to open its doors to guests in Hong Kong in June this year. The game mansion will be located at the Peak, which is one of the city’s iconic destinations which offers a grand view of the city, and holds a symbolic reference to the first Chinese version of the game, which was designed around the city of Hong Kong with the Peak being the most expensive property in some editions.

After some time, as you know when you play this game, a nice snack and refreshment would be a great treat to share with friends. And in this new game spot, you even get to enjoy Monopoly-themed snacks, as well as souvenirs, before you continue your exploration of Hong Kong’s the Peak Galleria.

To know more about Monopoly Dreams and to catch updates on its official opening date and promotions, click HERE.

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