Hong Kong Lands in Top Bucket-List Destinations Among Tourists

In the region, there has been a brewing competition between Hong Kong and Singapore in terms of preference in work, living conditions, and tourism, among expats. This does not come as a surprise anymore because both countries have gained wide popularity among Asian expats and even those coming from the West for their competitive lifestyle offerings and unique cultures.

This even extends to foreign companies putting preference on one over the other, as the two Asian city-states place among the best economies in the region to date. It is for this reason that expat communities in both Hong Kong and Singapore are the biggest and most diverse in the region.

Hong Kong Lands among Top Bucket-List Destinations among Tourists

Hong Kong Overtakes Singapore in Top Destinations Among Tourists

And, in terms of travel destinations, Hong Kong did not disappoint in the rankings presented by airport bus company Hoppa (hoppa.com), which revealed the world’s most popular bucket list destinations for 2019, from cities and countries to attractions and events, as shared in a report by the South China Morning Post.

The results highlighted the significance of Thailand, China and Japan in the Asian tourism market, and globally, put Australia in top spot in virtually every category.

Leading the list of “Top 10 Asian cities” ranking is Phuket, Thailand, which appears on almost half of all travelers’ bucket lists. The most popular destination in Asia by a significant margin, the Thai island city steadily receives over nine million visitors each year to its sandy beaches, Phang Nga Bay, and Phi Phi Islands.

Following Phuket is Tokyo, and then Hong Kong, which just edged out Singapore for third place.

The survey gathered data among travelers from Europe, North America and Australasia for the contents of their bucket lists, where each respondent was allowed to provide multiple answers for each category.

Aside from ranking as the most popular city in Asia, Phuket also earned second place globally, finishing behind only Sydney, Australia in the global rankings.

Also, based on the survey, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is most likely to appear on traveler’s bucket lists, perhaps due to the rapid rate at which it is shrinking and a subsequent “see it before it’s gone” mentality.

China’s “Great Wall” comes second worldwide, and first in Asia, appearing on over 40 percent of all bucket lists. Approximately more than 10 million travelers visit the Great Wall each year.

Three other Asian attractions which appeared frequently on travellers’ bucket lists include Japan’s Mount Fuji, Beijing’s Forbidden City, and the Taj Mahal in India.

Hong Kong has been a popular tourist destination among travellers for its rich Asian culture and family-friendly attractions, which have always been popular among expats in the region through the years.

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