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Hong Kong Still Most Popular among Expats, Singapore Starting to Catch Up

Despite the ballooning cost of living which recent surveys have suggested of Hong Kong, not to mention some of the living conditions of its residents, among other issues, the Chinese administrative region still remains to be popular among expats for a number of things. And as we all know, no place in the world can [...]

Two Filipinas Die After Passing Out in Employers’ Residences

Because of the attractive pay of work overseas, sometimes, we forget to prioritize our health over earning more. And while this can also be said for our kababayan working back at home, this is a much greater concern for OFWs who are far away from their families and are working hard to earn a living [...]

Rental Costs Released for New Public Housing Flats

With Hong Kong being right at the top of the list of most expensive cities to live in, you can imagine how expensive it is to get your own flat in the city, especially as an expat. But the truth is, apartments to live in the city do not really measure up to the costs [...]

Lunar New Year Fireworks Set to Light up HK Night Sky on Feb 6

In a predominantly Chinese-influenced society such as in Hong Kong, it can be expected that there would be grand festivities to be had for the entry of the Lunar New Year, as it is a widely celebrated (and public) holiday in most parts of Asia. And with this in mind, families and citizens are expected [...]

Domestic Workers to Work Exclusively as Caregivers Being Pushed in HK

Many domestic workers anywhere in the world are familiar with work involving taking care of young children as well as older people. However, working as a domestic helper does not necessarily involve this specific function, which is typically more of a caregiver’s role inside a household. From Domestic Helpers to Exclusive Caregivers: A New Trend [...]

Pinoy Accused of Smuggling Drugs in Snack Packs

The government has issued warnings regarding items and products that should not be brought through the airport, let alone be smuggled into the country, as there are already various cases through which contraband items such as illegal drugs are being distributed in the city and have been unfortunately linked to activities by migrant workers in [...]

Filipina Charged with Theft Pins Act on Drug Use

We all know that illegal drug use does little to no good to one’s physical (and mental) health, but in the case of those who commit crimes, the consequences of their drug use cannot be blamed for their unlawful acts because the use of illegal drugs, is in itself, a crime punishable by law. ALSO [...]