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ConGen Advises Hong Kong-based Filipinos to Vote Early

In line with the upcoming mid-term elections starting this May in the Philippines, Filipinos in Hong Kong are being briefed regarding the procedures set to take place during the overseas absentee voting that is scheduled to begin from April 13 to May 13 at the Bayanihan Centre. ALSO READ: PCG-HK All Set to Facilitate Month-long [...]

Gov’t Considers Mandatory Insurance for Workers

Talks about the need and benefits of imposing mandatory health checks and insurance scheme for foreign domestic workers have been in the news since late last year. However, the idea has been met with opposition from concerned parties, dismissing the idea as “additional burden” on the part of foreign domestic workers, who mostly come from [...]

Asian Domestic Workers in HK Urge Gov’t to Increase Pay

As we know, Hong Kong has been showing up in the list of the most expensive places to live in for several years now, but what that means for many people doesn’t amount much as it does to the people living here. And when we think of people working and residing in Hong Kong, we [...]

Pinay Denies Charges of Illegal Hawking in HK

Filipinos are known to be hardworking people. This can be attributed to our strong desire to help out our family and to bring them out of poverty. And as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), sometimes working one job is not enough to realize this goal. However, we should also not forget that when we enter [...]

5 Smart Investments Every OFW Should Have

Let’s face it. Despite the glitz and glamour of working overseas, it does not take the away the fact that OFWs still need to work hard in order to earn the attractive pay which many Filipinos could only dream to have back home. And while it’s true that providing for our families comes as top [...]

Pinay Domestic Helper Passes Away After Working for 26 Years in HK

This is definitely not the kind of OFW story that we would like to hear, especially to those who are looking forward to working overseas in order to help their families back home in the Philippines. However, as sad as it is, this is the reality that we have to accept, and to remind us [...]

Health Agency Urges Domestic Workers to Receive MMR Vaccination

Coming into the new season (as there are four seasons in Hong Kong), a local health agency stressed the need for migrant workers to receive vaccination against contagious diseases such as measles and the flu, during their stay in the country, as the government offers this service typically for children in the country. However, as [...]