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How to Adopt a Pet in Hong Kong

Having a pet at home brings a lot of benefits not only to the owner but also to the entire family, as well. For one, pets give unconditional warmth and affection to their owners. A bad day can easily get better when your pet greets you with a sloppy kiss or a warm snuggle. ALSO [...]

[LOOK] Netizen Spotted OFW in Hong Kong Celebrating Birthday Alone in a Make-Shift ‘Room’

There’s so much incongruence from people’s expectations about Filipino migrant workers, especially from those in the Philippines. ALSO READ: 10 Photos – Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong During Sundays Oftentimes, OFWs are esteemed only because they are the breadwinner of the family. Many people do not even consider what actually happens to them away from [...]

Filipina OFWs in HK Paddle for Inclusion, Representation

The Filipino community in countries such as Hong Kong is predominantly comprised of domestic workers who chose to live away from their families to support other families in a foreign country. ALSO READ: 10 Photos: Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong During Sundays Interestingly, we know that Filipinos are a people with strong familial and community [...]

Clinic in Hong Kong Charges US Nationals 25% ‘Tariff’ for Services Offered

The recent trade wars happening between China and the US have had stakeholders getting involved in their own ways wherever they may be in the world. What this implies in the greater scheme of things may be yet unknown to those who may be directly involved, but apparently both sides are yet to bow down [...]

WHO Recognizes HK for 30-Year Efforts of Tobacco Control Programme

They say a country’s greatest asset is not its physical wealth or socioeconomic standing, but it is the people. When the people are able to have a relatively good quality of life, they are able to function to their highest potential, and in effect contribute greater to nation building and powering its economy. ALSO READ: [...]

Hong Kong Employer Refuses to Pay Worker’s Damage Claims

Workers in Hong Kong should be smart and aware of situations which their employers may put them in that could potentially put them at risk for legal charges.  Even if an employer tells them one thing, it does not necessarily mean it’s the right thing to do. ALSO READ: Here’s Where Domestic Helpers Can Seek [...]

Filipina Worker Barred by High Court to Remain in Hong Kong

There are many reasons why people work overseas. While others do it to help their families, some do it to escape a life they do not wish to have. ALSO READ: High Court Bars Stay of Filipino Moms in HK Whatever the case is for an individual to fly overseas, it’s important to keep in [...]