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Will Filipino DHs Still go to Hong Kong or Shift to China for Work?

As most of us know already, Hong Kong is considered an administrative region of China. This means that most of the decisions when it comes to governance, policy-setting, budget planning and resource allocation are influenced by the government of the People’s Republic of China. With that said, speculations have come out that when it comes [...]

Immigration Department to Set New Service Fees Soon

Traveling to Hong Kong entails one to go through the Immigration Department for inspection and to regulate cases of human trafficking in the country. The Immigration Department also oversees the activity of travellers in the country as they enter through the various points of entry in Hong Kong. Moreover, department officials monitor the types of [...]

Two Filipina Helpers Alllegedly Driven Out of Employer’s Residence

Hong Kong laws offer specific clauses for termination which will become basis for claims and complaints. This is also especially important for domestic helpers when looking for a new job in the country. Therefore, it can be said that if either party violates the contract or does not follow the process set by the government [...]

Two Filipinas Involved in Online Prostitution Case Granted Bail After 8 Months

When Filipinos get involved in some kind of trouble with the law, it’s important to know where we can seek help or assistance from, especially if it’s one of getting involved with someone else’s doing like an employer or a co-worker. Fortunately for some of those who do get involved in this types of cases, [...]

HK Woman Charged for Forging Documents to Filipinas Applying for Work in the UK

Even as Filipinos venture to work abroad, some of them still look for new and better opportunities offered elsewhere. This being the case, recruitment issues happen both in the Philippines and even at the OFW’s host country. At best, there has to be solid coordination between the applicant and the government responsible for the resident [...]

Hong Kong Residents Eligible for Public Transport Refunds

One of the best things Hong Kong has to offer is its extensive and varied public transport system. However, with the quality of transport the government is investing on, it’s to be expected to have some kind of maintenance budget allocated to keep the system highly functional and abreast with the latest technological features. That [...]

3 Filipinos Nabbed in Lamma Anti-drug Raid

Following reports of foreign syndicates befriending Filipina domestic helpers to involve them in trafficking illegal substances and possessions in the country, authorities have received word of illicit activities in some parts of the region related to the illegal drug trade. As foreigners living in a different country, it is best we know the rules that [...]