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Filipino Migrant Workers Rally to Junk Mandatory OFW Insurance

Amid the increasing expenses and cost of living in Hong Kong, Filipino migrant workers are feeling the pressure of staying afloat the living conditions while allocating part of their earnings for their families back home in the Philippines. It is for this reason that when the proposal for the mandatory OFW insurance was floated, it [...]

3 Pinoy Tourists Apprehended Over Allegedly Using Fake Documents

Travelling overseas sure is fun especially when you have good memories that come along with the experience. However, it can be the exact opposite if along the way things don’t go as planned. Needless to say, getting into trouble with the law anywhere does not make up for a good experience anywhere. Some of the [...]

Here’s Where Domestic Helpers Can Seek Temporary Shelter in Hong Kong

Sometimes things don’t go well as planned when we look for work overseas. And sometimes, due to certain circumstances we find ourselves lost or stuck, looking for the next place to pick ourselves up. It is for this reason that we need to know where we can look for help either through our own embassy, [...]

FDHs Urged to Join HKID Replacement Scheme

With the availability of replacement centres across the island for the HKID replacement scheme, the government now urges all of its citizens to comply with the process to ensure that all of the city’s residents are cleared by the Immigration Department and to avoid incurring fines. This is to ensure that all of the country’s [...]

Gov’t Considers Banning Sale of e-Cigarettes

As far as public health and safety are concerned, the government has to proactively consider everything that can negatively impact individuals or the entire population, which includes foreign nationals residing or visiting in the country. At the start of the year, the government was able to introduce a new air purification system which will help [...]

DFA to Replace Pawned Passports, but only in Manila Office

We all know that our passport is among the most important documents we should possess when travelling abroad or working overseas. It is for such reasons that some employers use their authority to abuse their employee’s rights by taking hold of this document. And similarly, it is for the same reason that the Philippine Embassy [...]

Filipina Charged with Theft Pins Act on Drug Use

When there’s injustice involved, such as suffering from abuse or sustaining injuries at work, domestic helpers need to understand where they stand in the law and where to look for help or assistance in such cases. Having access to this information or to people who can give you advice regarding such cases could make a [...]