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‘Kalayaan’ Show to Push Through this Sunday

Despite the recent political turmoil that has afflicted the country, which has sent protesters out on the streets, Filipinos in Hong Kong still have something to look forward to amid everything that’s been happening in the city. Where division was prompted, Filipinos will call for unity in celebration of the Philippine Independence Day, which was [...]

Gov’t Suspends Fugitive Bill Work

Following the recent uproar caused by the proposed legislative work by Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam and her colleagues, the political atmosphere in the country has yet to fully settle down. Because of this sudden unrest, many sectors of society have expressed their concerns over their safety and the stability of their positions and [...]

Labatt Urges OFWs in HK to Upgrade Skills in Light of Recent Political Unrest

Work as an OFW is not and should not be treated as a permanent one. Time and again, OFWs are reminded by this simple fact, which hopefully, would help them come up with smarter decisions for their future. In light of the recent unrest which took place in the country last week, Filipinos based in [...]

no more red ribbon

For the longest time, we, Filipinos, have been used to doing certain procedures when it comes to filing our documents at the Philippine Embassy, especially for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who need these documents for overseas matters. Also Read: How to Renew Philippine Passport in Hong Kong However, this year, there will be a change [...]

What’s the Typhoon Season in Hong Kong Like?

Despite having four seasons, Hong Kong is also considered a subtropical country considering its proximity to the equator as well as the Pacific, where a number of typhoons originate from. ALSO READ: Things to Know Before Working in Hong Kong as an OFW That being said, Hong Kong has its own fair share of unpredictable [...]

What’s the Typhoon Season in Hong Kong Like?

Summertime may be all sun and clear skies for those in the parts of the world where they have four seasons. However, for a country with a subtropical climate such as Hong Kong, the beginning of summer (June) up until mid-Autumn (October) marks the typhoon season, and the weather can be extremely unpredictable during this [...]

How to Adopt a Pet in Hong Kong

Having a pet at home brings a lot of benefits not only to the owner but also to the entire family, as well. For one, pets give unconditional warmth and affection to their owners. A bad day can easily get better when your pet greets you with a sloppy kiss or a warm snuggle. ALSO [...]