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Scholarships Granted to Six Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is home to many nationalities, some of which have built a life around their work, and sometimes even their studies. This is not surprising at all since a lot of foreign expats choose Hong Kong as an excellent destination to pursue their goals and passions in life. For those who wish to study [...]

OFW Families of 2 Pinay DHs Killed in Accident Awarded $800K in Employee Compensation

Working as an overseas Filipino worker abroad (OFW) does not exempt anyone from accidents and other untoward incidents, which could result to death as in the case of those who have been involved in the road accident in Hong Kong in November of last year. Despite the tragedy, some people are still lucky enough to [...]

Gov’t Offers Helpline for Foreign Domestic Helpers

Other than their country’s embassies and non-government (labour) organizations offering help, foreign domestic helpers (FDH) had no specific department they can reach out to from the Hong Kong government when it comes to their issues with their employer/s or employment agency here in Hong Kong. But that is now a thing of the past because [...]

Gov’t Sets Up New Air Purification System

They say with the New Year comes new beginnings. In the multitude of options to be had, the government chooses to put up a new system that will reduce pollutants and harmful particles in the air that the people in the city have to breathe, day in and day out. Of course there are plenty [...]

Labatt Urges HK Gov’t to Require Regular Medical Check-up Among OFWs

They say health is wealth, but if you’re working overseas and accommodating the demands of work abroad set by a foreign employer, sometimes, we often forget to take care of health. This is exactly the reason why our labour officials are working hard at looking after the welfare of our kababayan in every part of [...]

housing hongkong small spaces

When we think of Hong Kong, we imagine lofty work places and high-rise residences. We think that when accommodation is provided for, living conditions are decent or to some extent “better” than ours back home. However, much of what we think or know about life abroad isn’t quite as accurate as we make them to [...]

Filipina Housemaid Admits to Child Abuse in Court

Just when we thought our foreign domestic helpers are the ones at most vulnerable to cases of abuse, it’s quite shocking to learn in the news (as is always the case), that one of our kababayan has been charged for abuse/maltreatment of somebody else – a young child, at that. Shocking as it is, but [...]