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Hong Kong to Make ‘Monopoly Dreams’ a Reality

For many of us, part of our childhood is composed of playing board games with friends, or staying up late to finish an engaging computer game, for which our parents would have probably scolded us a hundred times to count. This time around, as part of the country’s impressive tourist attractions, one of our favourite [...]

Filipina Domestic Worker Files Indecent Assault Complaint vs Employer

In the wake of legislative progress to establish a system to determine victims of abuse through screening, common stories of sexual assault and abuse between employer and worker still pile up until relevant laws are put into implementation. And until that happens, we need to be aware of the things that go on behind closed [...]

Gov’t to Explore Victim Screening Mechanism for Domestic Workers

We often here cases of abuse and worker exploitation in almost all parts of the world. However, not much is known about government initiatives to address such issues in their respective jurisdictions. Other than private, non-government organizations willing to offer legal help and counsel for victims of migrant worker abuse, specific services offered by a [...]

7 Filipinos Charged for Illegal Gambling Fined HKD 500 Each

One of the things which OFWs are prone to after and even while still working overseas is getting involved in (illegal) gambling. And while this is a sad reality because we know that Filipinos are hard-working people who do their best to provide for their families back home, the clutches of temptation and vices can [...]

Check out Free Courses for Domestic Helpers from these Organizations

Migrant workers here in Hong Kong have plenty of things they can do during their free time, but it’s up to them with what they want to achieve or experience during their stay here in Hong Kong. Of course, working overseas is not something ideal for long-term, especially when you have kids and family back [...]

Understanding the Medical Certificate for OFWs Travelling to Hong Kong

Many of us may already have an idea on what the requirements are for travelling and working abroad. For domestic helpers targeting to work in Hong Kong, the two primary requirements to be presented at the airport along with one’s travel documents are: A valid overseas employment certificate (OEC), which is issued by the Philippine [...]

Gov’t Reports Increase in Deception Cases in HK

Generally speaking, Hong Kong is a relatively safe place to live in whether you’re a local or an expat. However, there are certain cases which are more common locally than others, and in contrast to other countries to which Hong Kong is being compared to such as Singapore and China. And with the current power [...]