15 Best Pest Control Services in Hong Kong

Have you done everything possible to get rid of pesky pests in your home or workplace? Unwanted visitors like bedbugs, cockroaches, rodents, and other pests can quickly turn into a nuisance, posing a threat to your property and overall well-being. When facing such a situation, it’s crucial to seek the assistance of the best pest control services that are well-equipped to handle these challenges effectively.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, having reliable experts who can eliminate pests swiftly and efficiently such as the Johnson Group, MasterClean, and Asia Pest Control, among others, is essential to maintain a clean and safe environment.

15 Best Pest Control Services in Hong Kong

1. Pest Guy 百仕佳蟲害防治有限公司

Contact number: +85223215222
Address: Unit 1001-1002, 10/F,, Max Trade Centre,, 23 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Hong Kong
Google Map Location:

Pest Guy, a leading pest control service provider, has been in operation since its establishment in 2004.

With a commitment to excellence, the company has joined prestigious associations such as the American Pest Management Association (NPMA) and the Hong Kong Pest Control Practitioners Association (PCPA), solidifying its expertise in the field.

Throughout the years, Pest Guy has accumulated valuable experience and embraced cutting-edge equipment to deliver optimal results.

At Pest Guy, customer satisfaction is paramount. The company employs a comprehensive computerized management system to ensure that each client receives impeccable care and attention.

Their range of services encompasses various pest control solutions, including the extermination of pests, termites, bedbugs, rodents, snakes, birds, beehives, and coating disinfection.

Pest Guy distinguishes itself by employing environmentally friendly and safe chemicals, all of which are approved by the Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD).

Adhering to the standards set by the World Health Organization, Pest Guy guarantees effective pest management while prioritizing the well-being of both customers and the environment.

With their expertise, advanced techniques, and commitment to quality, Pest Guy is the trusted choice for reliable and sustainable pest control solutions in Hong Kong.

2. Chinchex 千赤士床蝨滅蟲劑

Contact number: +85254176383
Address: Multiple locations across Hong Kong
Google Map Location:

Chinchex is a leading pest control solution specifically designed to combat bed bug infestations.

With over 20 years of experience, Chinchex has developed a revolutionary product that is highly effective in eliminating bed bugs, making it the perfect choice for individuals facing the challenges of these persistent pests.

In recent years, bed bug infestations have seen a significant rise, and traditional treatment methods have proven to be less effective due to bed bugs developing resistance to chemical sprays.

However, Chinchex offers a game-changing solution to this problem.

Formulated as a 100% silica dust product, Chinchex has undergone extensive research and development to ensure its exceptional efficacy in bed bug control.

It utilizes a unique combination of four different amorphous silica gels, making it far superior to other alternatives in the market.

3. Johnson Group 莊臣集團

Contact number: +85224813988
Address: Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan, Hoi Shing Rd, 3號TML廣場26樓C5室
Google Map Location:

Johnson Group, a leading provider of pest control services, has been serving customers since 1947 with a commitment to creating clean and comfortable living environments.

With their extensive experience, they offer a range of services aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals and entire households.

Johnson Group specializes in Green Cleaning, providing deep and thorough cleaning solutions that prioritize environmental sustainability.

Their expert team utilizes eco-friendly products and techniques to ensure a clean and hygienic environment while minimizing the impact on the planet.

In addition, Johnson Group understands the concerns of individuals with allergies and offers tailored solutions for allergy improvement.

They employ advanced methods and specialized products to reduce allergens and create a healthier living space for their clients.

When it comes to pest control, Johnson Group excels in Green Pest Management.

Their dedicated team of professionals employs environmentally friendly approaches to effectively eliminate pests, such as bedbugs, cockroaches, rodents, and more.

By utilizing safe and sustainable pest control methods, they prioritize the well-being of both their customers and the environment.

4. Nobedbugs-HK滅蟲公司 | 滅床蝨(木蝨、臭蟲)、蟑螂(曱甴)、跳蝨、蠓

Contact number: +85293582901
Address: 12/F, Wing Fat Loong Industrial Building, 136號 Wai Yip St, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Google Map Location:

Nobedbugs-HK Pest Control Services is a reliable and pioneering pest control company in Hong Kong, providing effective and innovative solutions for both residential and commercial customers since 2013.

With over a decade of experience, they have gained widespread recognition as one of the leading service providers in the city.

Nobedbugs-HK takes pride in their customer-first approach, ensuring the protection of your property by employing powerful and least-toxic techniques to exterminate pests.

Their team of highly-trained exterminators has successfully safeguarded over 5,000 homes and businesses in Hong Kong City from the most stubborn pests.

Remaining at the forefront of pest control technology and techniques is a priority for Nobedbugs-HK.

They actively exchange knowledge with global experts and invest in the latest tools to provide you with the best possible service.

When you choose Nobedbugs-HK, you can trust that they will deliver effective and reliable pest control solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Their licensed professionals are dedicated to using eco-friendly practices that work, ensuring guaranteed pest removal and prevention solutions without hassle.

5. BioCycle (Hong Kong) Limited

Contact number: (852)3575 2575
Address: Block C, 9/F, Wah Hing Industrial Mansions, 36 Tai Yau St, San Po Kong, Hong Kong
Google Map Location:

BioCycle (Hong Kong) Ltd. is a leading ecological service provider in Hong Kong, offering a comprehensive range of pest control services.

With a capital of HK$2,500,000 and over 30 years of professional expertise, BioCycle® has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

They are certified with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, demonstrating their commitment to quality and environmental management.

Catering to a diverse clientele, including major industrial and commercial companies, government entities, F&B outlets, manufacturers, and domestic clients, BioCycle® utilizes innovative environment technologies, services, and products to address pest-related issues effectively.

As the exclusive authorized Pest Control Service in Hong Kong to use BioKill® products, BioCycle® offers a unique advantage in their treatments.

Their specialized approach focuses on the breeding cycle of insects, allowing them to deliver strategic 3D treatments that ensure the eradication of pests in a safe and permanent manner.

Prior to the treatment, BioCycle® requires minimal preventive actions, such as covering up fish tanks and removing reptiles.

After the treatment, there is no need to clean up kitchen essentials, saving you time and effort.

BioCycle® prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers worry-free control of pests at your premises with their client satisfaction guarantee.

They utilize safe insecticides during treatments while effectively cutting off the breeding cycle of pests.

By applying established application methods based on scientific data, they break the breeding cycles through initial applications conducted at shorter intervals to target nymphs in the early stages.

This is followed by regular maintenance sprays to ensure long-term effectiveness.

6. MasterClean Carpet Systems Limited

Contact number: +85239756300
Address: Hong Kong, Kwun Tong, Hung To Rd, 45號8樓J-K室 Wang Kwong Industrial Building
Google Map Location:

Established in 2011, MasterClean Carpet Systems Limited has emerged as a leading provider of top-notch cleaning, disinfection, and pest control services in Hong Kong.

With a strong dedication to environmental hygiene, MasterClean has garnered a reputation for delivering high-quality services across various industries.

With a workforce of over 500 employees, MasterClean excels in providing prompt and superior environmental sanitation services tailored to meet the unique requirements of their diverse clientele.

Whether you’re grappling with cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, mice, or other bothersome pests in your residential or commercial space, MasterPest is the ideal professional pest control partner.

One of the distinguishing features of MasterPest is their exclusive use of environmentally friendly and biodegradable insecticides, duly registered with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Service.

As a proud member of the Hong Kong Pest Control Association (HKPMA), MasterPest upholds a steadfast commitment to delivering eco-friendly and safe pest control solutions to their valued customers.

With MasterClean’s extensive expertise, meticulous approach, and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust them to effectively tackle your pest control needs while prioritizing environmental responsibility and ensuring the well-being of your living or working environment.

7. 高華科技發展有限公司 (Gaohua Technology Development Co., Ltd.)

Contact number: +85294839904
Address: Hong Kong, Wan Chai, Thomson Rd, 105-111號豪富商業大廈 6樓B室
Google Map Location:

Gaohua Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a leading pest control service provider in Hong Kong, specializing in delivering effective solutions to combat pest infestations.

With a team comprising professionals with over 20 years of industry experience, including the founder and staff who hold university degrees and certificates from Hong Kong University’s professional pest management course, clients can trust in their expertise and knowledge.

At Gaohua Technology Development, they prioritize quality and safety.

The company utilizes their own agents and supplies pest control equipment, ensuring stable and reliable performance.

By employing advanced techniques and using environmentally friendly products, they strive to provide efficient pest control services while minimizing any negative impact on the environment.

8. Top One 第一搬屋|窗網|清潔|滅蟲|防曬膜

Contact number: +85294409748
Address: Hong Kong, Tsing Yi, Cheung Tat Rd, 14號, Vigor Industrial Building, B1704
Google Map Location:

Top One International Services Limited 第一國際服務有限公司 is a Hong Kong-based company established in 2017.

With years of experience in various fields, they offer a diverse range of services including moving, immigration, office relocation, storage, cleaning, pest control, window and net installation, and more. Their aim is to alleviate all customer worries by providing comprehensive solutions.

When it comes to their pest control services, Top One International Services Limited is committed to delivering efficient and effective results.

They understand the importance of eliminating pests promptly and preventing their recurrence.

The company ensures transparent pricing for their pest control services, offering reasonable costs for cockroach control without any hidden charges or hard selling tactics.

With Top One, you can be assured that the price you pay will cover the necessary treatments without any additional expenses.

Having assisted other pest control companies in extermination projects, Top One International Services Limited has gained valuable expertise in the field.

They utilize insecticidal water sprays and other appropriate methods to address pest issues comprehensively.

Their experienced team is dedicated to providing efficient pest control and prevention services to ensure customer satisfaction.

9. Rentokil Hong Kong

Contact number: +85258030080
Address: 23/F, Westin Centre, 26 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Google Map Location:

Rentokil is a trusted and leading provider of pest control services, equipped with industry-leading methods and technology to effectively eliminate pests.

With a focus on residential and commercial pest control, Rentokil offers comprehensive solutions for a wide range of pests, including termites, cockroaches, mice, and more.

The process begins with a thorough pest inspection, allowing Rentokil’s experts to identify the conditions that contribute to an infestation.

Once the infestation is assessed, Rentokil applies targeted treatments to eradicate the pests.

To prevent future infestations, Rentokil also implements preventive pest control measures, providing long-term protection.

Clients can rely on Rentokil for worry-free pest surveys and consultations, as their team conducts on-site reviews and consultations.

They offer professional pest prevention advice and recommendations tailored to specific needs, ensuring effective pest management.

10. 滅蟲職人滅蟲公司 – 滅木蝨(床蝨/臭蟲)、白蟻、蟑螂(曱甴)、老鼠、跳蚤 (Exterminator Pest Control Company)

Contact number: +85254458857
Address: Hong Kong, Lai Chi Kok, Cheung Sha Wan Rd, 833號11樓1101室 Cheung Sha Wan Plaza, 第一期
Google Map Location:

Exterminator Pest Control Company – With a team of professional exterminators, they provide a comprehensive range of professional, safe, and reliable pest control services.

Serving a diverse clientele including residential homes, commercial and industrial establishments, government agencies, restaurants, manufacturers, and offices, Exterminator Pest Control Company is well-equipped to address various pest-related concerns.

Whether you’re in need of residential pest control services or seeking recommendations for a reputable pest control company, Exterminator Pest Control Company stands out.

Their team undergoes extensive pest control training, employing a wide range of physical control methods and using approved, safe insecticides that are harmless to humans and animals.

Equipped with specialized pest control tools, they effectively address a multitude of household pests, including bedbugs, fleas, clothes moths, mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches, rodents, flies, and ants.

11. Dr.Clean潔淨醫生 – 滅蟲公司及清潔服務

Contact number: +85262260368
Address: Hong Kong, Tsing Yi, Cheung Tat Rd, 14號B偉力工業大廈座17樓4室
Google Map Location:

Established in 2013, Dr.Clean is a local Hong Kong cleaning and pest control company that offers a wide range of services.

They specialize in residential and commercial pest control, home cleaning, office cleaning, formaldehyde removal, renovation clean-up, move-in/move-out cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, professional fabric cleaning/carpet washing, plumbing services, disinfection, tile and floor cleaning, and more.

Dr.Clean caters to residential properties, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, and other establishments, earning the trust of both homeowners and commercial clients.

When it comes to residential pest control services, Dr.Clean stands out by providing a diverse range of physical control methods and low-toxicity pest control products.

Their professional team is experienced in eliminating a wide range of household pests, including bedbugs, mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches, rodents, flies, ants, and more.

With years of experience in both residential and commercial pest control services, Dr.Clean’s experts undergo regular professional training to stay up-to-date with the latest pest control techniques and knowledge.

12. Asia Pest Control Limited

Contact number: +85237047318
Address: Hong Kong, Sha Tin, 火炭 坳背灣街53-55號美高工業大廈4樓22室
Google Map Location:

Asia Pest Control Limited is a reputable local pest control and cleaning company based in Hong Kong.

Since its establishment in 2013, the company has been providing a wide range of services, including residential pest control, commercial pest control, home cleaning, office cleaning, formaldehyde removal, renovation formaldehyde removal, move-in/move-out cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, professional fabric cleaning/carpet washing, pipe unblocking, disinfection services, tile and floor cleaning, and more.

They cater to residential, office, school, hotel, restaurant, and other commercial clients, and have earned the trust of their customers over the years.

When it comes to residential pest control, Asia Pest Control Limited stands out as a professional and reliable choice.

They offer a comprehensive range of physical control and low-toxicity pest control services and products to help eliminate a wide range of household pests, including bedbugs, mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches, rodents, flies, ants, and more.

With years of experience in the industry, their expert team is well-equipped to handle residential and commercial pest control needs.

Whether it’s for homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, factories, warehouses, or other establishments, Asia Pest Control Limited provides effective solutions to address pest-related concerns.

13. 妥滅蟲控有限公司 Top Pest Control Company Limited

Contact number: +85284814183
Address: Hong Kong, Mong Kok, Nathan Rd, 573號, Full Win Commercial Centre, Room B, 11/F
Google Map Location:

Asia Pest Control Limited is a trusted provider that ensures the hygiene of your residential or commercial spaces.

With their comprehensive range of pest control services, they are dedicated to keeping your environment free from unwanted pests.

Their general pest control service targets common pests such as cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, beetles, and other small insects that can be effectively eliminated using appropriate pesticides.

The pricing is based on the service area and starts from HKD 600.

In addition to general pest control, Asia Pest Control Limited specializes in tackling specific pest issues that require the use of medications and auxiliary tools.

They offer services for rodents, bees, bedbugs, and other pests that necessitate measures like sealing openings, placing bait stations, steam treatment, and multiple follow-up visits.

To provide accurate pricing, an on-site inspection is conducted to assess the environment.

Asia Pest Control Limited also offers long-lasting disinfection coatings that utilize physical disinfectants.

These coatings are proven to effectively eliminate up to 99% of the novel coronavirus and other bacteria, as certified by reputable laboratories.

They are non-toxic to humans and pets, complying with food safety standards, making them suitable for various environments such as homes, schools, restaurants, offices, and malls.

14. Pesticide Services Company Limited

Contact number: +85225707028
Address: Hong Kong, Tai Kok Tsui, Elm St, 18號, Wah Yuen Factory Building, 1/F
Google Map Location:

Pesticide Services Company, established in 1982, is a highly reputable and professional disinfection and pest control service provider in Hong Kong.

With a strong commitment to delivering high-quality and professional services, the company has earned a solid reputation in the industry.

Their extensive experience and computerized management system ensure reliable and efficient service for valued customers.

Recognizing the importance of environmental protection and the need to protect human health and property, Pesticide Services Company continually stays updated with technological advancements and improvements in disinfection, cleaning, and pest control techniques.

They embrace the concept of a peaceful and worry-free high-quality life, where comprehensive pest and disinfection control management play a crucial role.

Their mission is to make customers healthy and worry-free by providing clean, environmentally friendly, safe, and virus- and pest-free living spaces.

In 2000, Pesticide Services Company became authorized by Dow AgroSciences Co., Ltd. to offer the Sentricon termite control system services.

This system, recognized with the Green Chemistry Award by the US government, allows for effective and environmentally friendly elimination of entire termite nests without the use of toxic substances, restoring peace to your home.

15. United Pest Control & Environment Company

Contact number: +85223319188
Address: Hong Kong, Kwai Chung, Tai Lin Pai Rd, 21-33號Unit 1510, 15/F Vanta Industrial Centre
Google Map Location:

United Elite Services Limited, established in April 1994, is a reputable provider of comprehensive pest control services in Hong Kong.

With a commitment to continuous development and improvement, United Elite strives to be the first authorized operator of the Sentricon* System in the region.

The company has expanded its professional pest control services to various sectors, including residential, commercial, and even airlines such as Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Ltd., United Airlines, and Air Canada.

Diversification has been a key aspect of United Elite’s growth strategy, allowing them to achieve maximum synergy.

As the sole distributor and service provider of renowned brands like Butcher’s Floor Care & Cleaning Products, Virkon Disinfestation Service, and Sanicare Sanitary Disposal Service, they have built a strong reputation in the industry.

United Elite Services is a proud member of both the National Pest Management Association and the Hong Kong Pest Management Association, demonstrating their commitment to industry standards and best practices.

Employing the latest technology and adhering to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) concept, United Elite ensures effective pest control solutions.

They utilize AFCD-approved chemicals that are safe, diverse, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

With over 10 years of experience, their technicians are well-trained, pleasant, and capable of delivering exceptional service.

United Elite Services offers both one-shot treatments and regular contract-based treatments to suit the specific needs of their clients.

Their comprehensive extermination services cover a wide range of household insect pests, including cockroaches, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, booklice, bees, and many others.

With their expertise and dedication, United Elite Services is committed to providing effective and reliable pest control solutions for residential and commercial properties alike.

Tips to Consider when Choosing a Pest Control Service to Hire

Dealing with pests can be a frustrating and challenging experience.

When faced with an infestation, it is essential to hire a professional pest control service to effectively and safely eliminate the problem.

However, with numerous options available, selecting the right company can be overwhelming.

To help you make an informed decision, consider the following tips when choosing a pest control service to hire:

1. Identify your specific needs

  • Different pest control companies specialize in various pests and offer specific services.
  • Identify the type of pest you are dealing with and determine the extent of the infestation.
  • This will help you find a company with expertise in handling your particular pest problem.

2. Research and gather recommendations

  • Start by researching local pest control companies.
  • Read reviews, check their websites, and look for feedback from previous customers.
  • Ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations based on their experiences.
  • A reputable company with positive reviews and recommendations is more likely to provide quality service.

3. Check  for license and certifications

  • Ensure that the pest control service you choose is licensed and certified.
  • A valid license indicates that the company meets the necessary requirements and has trained professionals.
  • Certification from recognized industry associations further demonstrates their commitment to best practices and upholding high standards.

4. Consider their experience and expertise

  • Consider the company’s experience in the pest control industry.
  • An established service provider with years of experience has likely encountered a variety of pest issues and knows how to handle them effectively.
  • Additionally, inquire about the qualifications and training of their technicians to ensure they have the expertise to deal with your specific problem.

5. Safe and eco-friendly practices

  • Inquire about the pest control methods and products used by the company.
  • Ideally, they should employ safe and eco-friendly practices that minimize harm to humans, pets, and the environment.
  • Avoid companies that rely heavily on toxic chemicals without considering alternative solutions.

6. Insurance coverage

  • Pest control treatments involve the use of chemicals and can sometimes lead to unexpected damages.
  • Ensure that the company has proper insurance coverage to protect you and your property in case of any accidents or mishaps during the process.

7. Warranty and guarantees

  • Inquire about the company’s warranty and guarantees for their services.
  • A reliable pest control service should stand behind their work and offer reassurance that they will address any recurring issues within a specified period.

8. Transparent pricing and contracts

  • Request a detailed price estimate from the company before hiring them.
  • The estimate should include the cost of initial treatment, follow-up visits (if necessary), and any additional services.
  • Be cautious of companies that provide vague or unclear pricing information.
  • Additionally, carefully review the contract terms and conditions before signing to avoid any surprises later.

9. Customer service and responsiveness:

  • Assess the company’s customer service and responsiveness.
  • A reputable pest control service should be prompt in answering your inquiries, addressing concerns, and providing clear communication throughout the process.
  • They should also offer ongoing support and guidance to help prevent future infestations.

10. Follow-up and maintenance plans

  • Inquire about the company’s follow-up and maintenance plans.
  • Effective pest control often requires multiple visits to ensure the complete elimination of pests.
  • A reliable service provider will outline a comprehensive plan and provide recommendations for ongoing pest prevention and maintenance.

By considering these tips, you can choose a pest control service that meets your specific needs, offers effective solutions, and prioritizes your safety and satisfaction. Remember to conduct thorough research, ask relevant questions, and make a well-informed decision to address your pest problems successfully.


Getting rid of pests is a top priority when it comes to maintaining a clean and safe environment in your home or workplace.

Whether you’re dealing with bedbugs, cockroaches, rodents, or other pesky pests, it’s important to enlist the help of the best pest control services available.

Companies like the one mentioned on our list are among the reliable experts you can turn to for swift and efficient pest elimination.

By enlisting the expertise of these top pest control services, you can rest assured that pests will be swiftly and efficiently eliminated from your premises.

Don’t let pests take over your space. Take action today and ensure a pest-free environment with the help of reliable pest control experts.

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