Local Authorities: Use LeaveHomeSafe App When Dining Out in HK

Effective Dec 9, 2021, all establishments that are regulated by the government will have to use the LeaveHomeSafe app.

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This means that all guests and diners at the establishments will no longer be required to write down their personal details on the logbooks or records, but will instead do so through the contact-trace app.

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Local Authorities To Require Use Of LeaveHomeSafe App When Dining Out In HK
Credits: LeaveHomeSafe website

The government statement also included an extension of the social distancing measures until December 8, aimed at preventing groups with more than four people from gathering, the Sun HK reported.

Starting on December 1, cruise ships that provide “trips to nowhere” to local residents will be permitted to run at 75 percent capacity, up from 50 percent previously.

The government has issued a mandatory app-use order for LeaveHomeSafe, which is a tool used for tracing and testing the contact details of people.

We will closely liaise with the relevant trades in the coming two weeks to ensure the smooth implementation of the relevant measures,” the statement said.

Local Authorities To Require Use Of LeaveHomeSafe App When Dining Out In HK

We appeal to the public to co-operate and comply with the relevant requirements in order to further enhance the anti-epidemic capacity of Hong Kong.”

The statement also reminded that individuals who violate the anti-virus regulations could face a maximum fine of HKD 50,000 (Php 323,250) and up to six months in jail.

For individuals who organize or participate in a gathering that is prohibited, the event’s organizer or participant is liable for a maximum fine of HKD 25,000 (Php 161,625) and up to six months imprisonment. Meanwhile, each participant may be liable to pay a HKD 5,000 (Php 32,325) fixed penalty.

The government has also announced new measures to boost the level of vaccinations in the country. Currently, the overall vaccination rate is around 70%.

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