Health Agency Urges Domestic Workers to Receive MMR Vaccination

Coming into the new season (as there are four seasons in Hong Kong), a local health agency stressed the need for migrant workers to receive vaccination against contagious diseases such as measles and the flu, during their stay in the country, as the government offers this service typically for children in the country.

However, as domestic workers are typically assigned to households, it’s also important for them (as a member of the household), to get protection against diseases, especially those that can be easily prevented with vaccinations.

Health Agency Urges Domestic Workers to Receive MMR Vaccination

Domestic Workers Urged to Receive MMR Vaccination by Health Agency in HK

Earlier this month, the Centre for Health Protection in Hong Kong has urged domestic helpers to receive MMR vaccination, in order to address the spread of measles in the country.

The MMR vaccine offers protection and prevention against measles, mumps, and rubella. The vaccine is part of the Childhood Immunisation Programme in Hong Kong.

Due to the nature of the work and responsibilities of a (foreign) domestic helper in the household, the Centre for Health Protection saw it fitting for domestic helpers to receive MMR vaccination, especially when they hold no records or are unsure of their immunization status.

As per practice, while domestic helpers are advised to receive MMR vaccination prior to their arrival in the country, this is not a requirement by their agencies or employers.

In the event that a domestic helper has arrived in the country and is unvaccinated or uncertain of their immunization status against measles, they may consult a doctor here and receive immunization as needed.

MMR vaccines for adults are typically offered in private clinics across Hong Kong. Normally, adults are required to get a blood test and consultation from a doctor first. The fee for the MMR vaccination costs around HKD 300 to HKD 1,000, without the blood test and consultation fee. And since the price may hinder these individuals from getting the vaccine, employers typically offer assistance to their helper/s as per charges and fees to be paid.

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