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When traveling to Hong Kong and Macau, you have to experience all kinds of trips. Be it via land, water, or air. The good thing about these two cities is that you can travel in between via turbojets in just an hour or a couple of minutes. You can avoid the traffic with these jets plus you will get to experience riding on a fast boat to see the beauty of Hong Kong and Macau. Whatever kind of tourist you are; you will surely want that.

One exciting activity you don’t want to miss when you travel between Hong Kong and Macau is riding on a Turbojet Ferry. Yes, you read it right—it’s not just a turbojet that makes the trip exciting, it’s also some kind of ferry because it will help you travel from one place to another. Don’t miss the fun as Turbojet is set to give you the most extraordinary sea travel experience like never before.

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TurboJet Ferry Boarding
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Actually, Turbojet has different routes you can choose from. It has Hong Kong to Macau, Kowloon to Macau, Tuen Mun to Macau, PRD, and Airport Routes. You can choose whatever path you want to take because you will still get the sea experience it promised. The sailing schedules and fares vary and it’s all presented on the website of Turbojet.

It’s better if you will visit their website first before you choose your package so you would know more about it. You will also note that the quotations they have on their website are all in the Hong Kong dollar. Other online outlets like Klook will give you the estimated price of your chosen package on your preferred currency.

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TurboJet Ferry
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Based on customer reviews, Turbojet Ferry is the fastest way to travel to Macau from Hong Kong and vice versa. It’s hassle-free because you will only need to show the QR code to the staff if you buy from the Klook site.

The tickets are easy to redeem, lessening the hassle of traveling. You can see different grand hotels and attractions without getting off the turbojet. You are enjoying the view while making your way to Macau. This is what Turbojet Ferry can deliver to you.

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TurboJet Ferry Tickets
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What To Expect

If you are prone to seasickness, take necessary medications before you travel. The speed of the turbojet will not make your sickness go away.
Be at the ferry 30 minutes before your departure.
Schedule your return trips within 45 days from the date of purchase of the ticket

Buy Tickets To Turbojet Ferry Here

TurboJet Ferry Seats
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Video: Turbojet Ferry

Check out this video of Turbojet Ferry and what you can expect from this tour.

Contact Information

Name of Tour/Company: Turbojet Ferry
Address: Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

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