Fare Subsidy to be Distributed by HK Government Soon

With the rising costs of living expenses in the city, the government has launched an initiative back in 2017 which aims to alleviate the burden on the residents’ monthly public transport expenditures, including those who spend over HKD 400 using their Octopus card to get around in the city.

This is a welcome development for the citizens of the Special Administrative Region because as they continue to use public transportation, the government is willing to subsidize part of their expenses as a form of help to residents of Hong Kong.

Fare Subsidy to be Distributed by Gov’t Soon
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Gov’t to Distribute January Transport Fare Subsidy

According to the Department of Transport, Hong Kong residents can avail of the government’s public transport fare subsidy for the month of January between February 16 and May 15 (3 months), as shared in a report by news.gov.hk.

Under the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme, which was first launched on January 1, commuters may start collecting payment from Subsidy Collection Points set up at all MTR stations, Light Rail Customer Service Centres, and designated ferry piers and public transport interchanges.

Furthermore, residents will also be able to collect the subsidy at 7-Eleven and Circle-K branches, Wellcome supermarkets, Octopus Service Points, or via the Octopus App.

For January, about HKD 186 million will be released to commuters, which will benefit over 2.3 million people according to the Department of Transport.

Meanwhile, commuters can check their public transport expenses and subsidy amount online or via the Octopus App.

Also, for commuters who have purchased designated transport tickets by cash or any other means of payment other than the Octopus card will need to register their tickets within 30 days from the date of purchase to include the applicable fares in the transport expenses of that month for the subsidy calculation. And finally, each transport ticket can only be registered once.

To know more about the details of the Fare Subsidy Scheme, click here.

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