5 Tips to Boost Your Chances of Getting Hired Abroad

Working abroad is a dream for many Filipinos; however, the path to getting there may not exactly be as easy as one would think.

The task of finding a suitable job can be a big challenge for many and even those who get the opportunity sometimes shell out a lot of funds, then go into debt just to land a job abroad. Another challenge is that many employers require potential hires to have experience. But just like most things in life – there are ways to actually find work overseas, even if you don’t have the experience or are just starting out your career.

5 Tips to Boost your Chances of getting Hired Abroad

5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting Work Overseas

In this post, we will share some helpful tips on how you can boost your chances of finding work abroad even when you don’t have the experience yet…

  1. Get Certifications for Work that You Want to Apply for.

For those who can’t find a job related to their field yet, a good way to start setting up your career path is to get certifications for the dream job that you want to get abroad. The good thing is, TESDA offers various programs and training that will enhance your skills. In light of this, you will also need to pass the required exams to get certifications.

  1. Build up Your Skills, Widen Your Horizons.

Another good idea to consider is to pick up a skill such as learning a new language. Expect that the people you might get to work with in some countries may not have a background in English. Having this in mind, improving your English or learning the language of the country you want to work in will definitely be an advantage.

5 Tips to Boost your Chances of getting Hired Abroad

  1. Become a Volunteer for a Cause.

Volunteer work is something that many workers across all fields can greatly benefit from. When employers recognize that you have a passion or a cause that you support, they can also look into it especially when this work involves dealing with various kinds of people from all walks of life.

Furthermore, doing volunteer work especially in your chosen field can be considered as work experience by some employers, so consider taking this path as well – even if only for a while.

  1. Be Open to Taking on Any Jobs at First.

While you have a goal set in mind, the reality of working anywhere is that most of us will have to settle for jobs with lower pay, but with higher demand.

In fact, many managers and high-ranking employees in the Philippines start as janitors, caregivers, service crew, and other blue-collared jobs abroad. While their pay may be smaller than what they receive back in the Philippines, finding jobs in those areas can be easier. And even if their earnings might not be that big abroad, this would certainly be of great help to their families back in the Philippines, especially when the exchange rate is good.

5 Tips to Boost your Chances of getting Hired Abroad

  1. Maximize Your Social Networks.

Nowadays, there are plenty of jobs offered via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and the like, since employers find it much easier to connect with digitally connected job seekers.

Be sure to look into these channels as well, but be wary of fake job offers and scams, which are becoming more prevalent as of late.

As they say, starting anything can be one of the most challenging things in life. But through these tips, we hope that you can start somewhere soon and work your way towards realizing your goals in the future.

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