Gov’t Renounces Need for Violence, Urges Dialogue with Public

In light of the on-going protests and public demonstrations taking over the streets of Hong Kong, Chief Executive Carrie Lam maintains her position as well as the government to keep communication lines open to the public.

Over a month since the government has floated the extradition bill – then retracted it, protesters and anti-government parties have brought their disapproval out in the streets by conducting a number of organized demonstrations calling for the Chief Executive’s resignation along with her party.

Gov’t Renounces the Need for Violence, Urges Dialogue with Public

“Gov’t Will Not Condone Violence” – Chief Executive

As the outlook of the situation in Hong Kong turns grimmer as time passes by, Chief Executive Carrie Lam pointed out that starting a dialogue does not mean that the Government will condone violence, as shared in a report by

Speaking to reporters ahead of the Executive Council meeting on Aug 27, Mrs. Lam explained that the only way to stamp out violence is through law enforcement actions.

In an earlier report shared by the police, Police Assistant Commissioner (Operations) Mak Chin-ho noted that a lawful public order event held on Sunday (August 25) quickly turned violent and escalated to the reckless destruction of properties and brutal attacks on police officers.

Commissioner Mak noted that they have seen an increase in the intensity and extent of violence used by protesters.

He said, “Their radical acts have intensified, with more dangerous and sometimes deadly weapons used, including bricks, metal posts, long sticks, and petrol bombs.”

To these, Commissioner Mak stressed that the Police have zero tolerance for all violent acts.

Regarding the development of events, the commissioner commented, “Please ask ourselves, is this the Hong Kong you would like to see? If you still remain silent and tolerate such radical acts, I appeal to you to raise your voice against violence and cut ties with all rioters.”

For her part, the Chief Executive commented, “You would just imagine if, under the pretext of communication or starting a dialogue that we are not going to enforce the laws in Hong Kong, that we are going to tolerate all forms of violence and disruptions in Hong Kong, that will be the end of the rule of law in Hong Kong.”

Mrs. Lam emphasized that the Government should prepare for reconciliation in society by maintaining communication lines open to all kinds of people and that Hong Kong should say no to violence.

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