3 Reasons to Go Shopping at the Ladies Market

Every one of us wants to go a shopping spree, and buy all the luxuries and things we want in life. Sadly, that seems more like a pipedream, unless you are super rich. But in the Ladies’ Market, you can literally buy and shop till you drop because they offer product with extremely low and affordable price tags.

The Ladies’ Market is such a perfect place for people who love to shop and at the same time, spend less. It is located in the Kowloon side of the overcrowded district of Tung Choi Street, Mongkok. The ambiance and atmosphere is very local thus, it is one of the visited places in the country. It is also used to be known as the heartland of the Hong Kong triad gangs.

ladies market
photo by John Seb Barber

Independent vendors are settling in the public street market, meaning there are no fixed opening hours or trading days. But, most of the shops are opened by noon time and some vendors are open a bit earlier than the rest. The Ladies Market is open every day, except the first day of the Chinese New Year where they spend the day off.

As for the transportation, you can get there via MTR Mong Kok Station, Exit E2 or take a bus from Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry pier.

Drop by in the Ladies Market to experience it all.

1. Prices are way lower than those of the malls

Take note, don’t be afraid to haggle with the traders since they are respectful. Enjoy the moment. Seize the thing you want. You can get almost anything you want. The prices will go low at 60% to 70% on the first attempt or you can slowly reduce it to 50% depending on the item and the trader.

2. Whatever you want, you will find it here

The Ladies Market is a popular market for inexpensive bargain-priced accessories, gadgets, clothes, bags, and all things. Just name them, and the Ladies’ Market have it for you. Despite its name, “Ladies’ Market” you can find a wide array of things for men too and any merchandise including personal items, household items, toys and many more. Items for all ages are found here. Be warned that most items are replicas of known brands.

3. Find better items during opening time

With over 100 stalls, the Tung Choi Street provides a one-kilometer stretch to practice your haggling skills. Not to mention, the market is a crowded place so if you want to pick up a pair of shoes or to buy one item only, go there early around the opening time so that you won’t be squash in between. It is not a good place for people who are sickly since the place is crowded and the tendency of having an attack is inevitable.

Visit the Ladies’ Market to shop and buy items you want for lower prices but good quality.

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