5 Reasons Why Domestic Helpers Get Terminated and How to Avoid Them

Finding a job in Hong Kong as a domestic helper is not the only difficult part of being an overseas Filipino worker. That’s only the start. Sometimes, what’s even harder is keeping the job because as you know, not all employers are the same and certain circumstances happen beyond our control.

However, as a general rule: you must do your best and do everything you can to keep the job, even if it means sacrificing a bit more than you’re used to. That’s just one of the things that you have to understand if you’re planning to work as a domestic helper in Hong Kong or as an OFW in general.  

Disclaimer: The information published is based on the experience shared by the vlogger/YouTuber. The information provided may change without prior notice and may differ in actual scenarios. Let this article serve as a guide only.

Here is the video guide shared by a Filipina domestic helper in Hong Kong, Jean, a.k.a. Pinay Nanny Vlogger in Hong Kong on YouTube. If you find her tips helpful, you may check out her YouTube channel to catch more interesting content about her work and life as an OFW in Hong Kong.

Common Reasons for Termination of a Domestic Helper’s Contract in Hong Kong and How to Avoid Them 

Since we’ve already mentioned about sacrifices, let’s get to know what are the top reasons why domestic helpers get terminated by their employers in Hong Kong.

Our resource vlogger, Jean, shares with us 5 common reasons and tips on how we can avoid getting terminated sooner than we expected. Let’s go through each one:

#1. Poor work performance 

As with any kind of job, domestic work requires quality and standards since you are going to take care of the needs of not just an individual but of an entire household. You may be dealing with a family of adults only, with children, elderly, or a combination of everything. With that in mind, you need to be focused and pay attention to the needs and requirements set by your employer when working in their household. Also, because you’ve undergone training back in the Philippines, some employers would expect more from your performance. 

Tip 1: This only means that you need to take your training back in the Philippines very seriously and that you should learn as much as you can so you can apply them when you start working in Hong Kong. 

Tip 2: Another tip is for you to learn everything that your employer wants you to do as long as it does not compromise your safety (i.e. cleaning large window panes from the outside of the building). If they give specific instructions on how you should do things around the house, take note of those instructions and do your best to perform all their specific requirements. This is how you can keep your employer happy and ultimately keep the job for as long as you can.

#2. Termination due to Relocation

You might think that all employers in Hong Kong are natural citizens, but a lot of them are not. Many employers in Hong Kong are also foreign residents from China, the United States, Europe, or other countries. For this reason, your job security or tenure is only as good as long as they have work in Hong Kong or for as long as they need to stay in the country. Sometimes, these employers need to relocate or move back to their country of origin for several reasons. As you can imagine this is something that you do not have control over. 

Tip: But as a tip, do your best to practice effective communication with your employers, because if you can fulfill your job as we’ve mentioned in point #1, then they might refer you to another employer if they are satisfied with your job performance. But for this to happen in the first place, you need to practice effective communication. 

Learn how to communicate with your employers regarding your needs, circumstances, and goals. If you do that, you can earn their trust and they might be able to help you during unexpected circumstances that may happen while you work for them in Hong Kong.  

#3. Change in the family’s financial situation

Similar to point #2, some employers in Hong Kong experience life changes – some lose their jobs, close their businesses, or make decisions that could affect their finances, and in effect, affect your employment status with them. This is also circumstantial, and most of the time, it would not be the domestic helper’s fault if they lose their job under these circumstances. 

Tip: Because this is something out of your control, what you can do is to communicate with your employer and/or your agency regarding the situation, and check what your options are. In some cases, you may be referred by your employer to another household, but make sure that your agency is aware of this and that all legal documents are taken care of to make sure that you are not violating any laws in the process. 

#4. Death of the employer or if the person the domestic helper was hired to care for passes away

Losing an employer due to a disease or an accident is another example of those situations that you have no control over. In the same manner, if you were hired to care for an elderly person and your client passes away, you may need to explore other options if your household will no longer require your services.

Tip: The best thing to do in this situation is to consult with your agency and ask assistance from them to help you find another employer while you are still in Hong Kong. Remember, once your contract has been terminated, you are only allowed to stay for a certain period to find a new job or else, you need to go back home to the Philippines. 

#5. Misunderstanding/miscommunication between employer and employee

And lastly, one of the common reasons why domestic helpers get terminated is because of having misunderstandings or miscommunication with their employers. 

Remember committing a mistake is understandable, but having a bad attitude is not an exemption. Do your best to communicate with your employer as effectively as you can. This means you should not be rude or raise your voice at them even when there’s a misunderstanding between the two of you. 

Tip: Do your best to be polite, courteous, and respectful at all times. Follow all the tips we’ve shared above and see how your employer responds. Your quality of work and attitude will determine your success as a domestic helper in Hong Kong or anywhere abroad.

5 Reasons Why Domestic Helpers Get Terminated and How to Avoid Them

In Summary

Based on various circumstances, the chances of you keeping your job will depend on two things: your skills and your attitude.

Communication is also a very important skill no matter the kind of job you have. Without any of these components, working abroad would be difficult for you. You should always keep in mind to give your best at everything you do.

Has your employer terminated your contract in the past? How did it go? Was everything done legally? Are there additional tips that you would like to let other OFWs or aspiring domestic helpers to know about? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.

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