How to Avoid Getting Fired / Terminated by your Employer – Domestic Helper Tips

One of the things Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong are very mindful of aside from getting involved with illegal activities is getting on the wrong side of their employers, which eventually leads to the termination of their contract.

There are specific laws that regulate a foreign domestic worker’s (FDWs) contract, and you must understand your roles and responsibilities as an employee so that you can function to the best of your abilities so that your employer would appreciate your work and avoid getting terminated for all the wrong reasons.   

Disclaimer: The information published is based on the experience shared by the vlogger/YouTuber. The information provided may change without prior notice and may differ in actual scenarios. Let this article serve as a guide only.

Here is the video guide shared by a Filipina domestic helper in Hong Kong, Jean, a.k.a. Pinay Nanny Vlogger in Hong Kong on YouTube. If you find her tips helpful, you may check out her YouTube channel to catch more interesting content about her work and life as an OFW in Hong Kong. 

3 Things Domestic Helpers Should Do to Avoid Getting Fired /Terminated by your Employer

In this post, we will share some tips on how you can best build a good working relationship with your employer and to increase your chances of working for them for a long time.

Tip #1: Be honest, reliable, and have a sense of responsibility at work.

Regardless of the nature of your job or profession, honesty, or for others, integrity, is a very important trait any human being must possess.  

Having integrity means doing the right thing at the right time in the right place. This involves being honest in all your ways and doing what is right not just for yourself but more importantly, for others, as well.  

No one likes getting lied to, right? In any relationship, whether it be personal or professional, trust is important to all of us. By being honest and open with our employers, we are taking care of their trust, and in the process, this will build a better work relationship between you and your employer. 

Tip #2: Follow the Do’s and Don’ts of your Employer 

This one is a little bit hard at first and could take some getting used to. But, by being focused and mindful of the things you need to do at work, you’ll get used to the process and routines that your employer expects you to fulfill. 

Remember, no two employers are the same. Each employer has a specific personality and demands when it comes to your work, and it is your job as an employee to understand what those are and to follow the rules they set. It may take some time to get used to this, but with constant practice and focus, you will get it eventually. 

busy lifestyle

Take Note: Hong Kong employers are very busy so they expect you to do a lot of things for them and to step in for them in situations when they are not available. 

This means, aside from doing the cleaning and maintenance at home, you will also be expected to do the groceries, shopping, and taking care of their children’s needs. 

Some employers can be very particular with how they want things to be done at home, especially when it’s about taking care of their kids.

As the kids’ nanny, you need to pay attention to their needs such as their diet, hygiene, health, schooling, playtime, and other activities. Be very attentive to the kids’ needs and follow all the rules and instructions set by your employer and you will not have any issue/s with them.

Tip#3: Be positive and take criticisms constructively. 

 It’s normal to make mistakes, but it’s not normal to give up right away. When you get in a situation that would test your limits (e.g getting scolded, shouted at, or treated rudely), remember why you went to work in Hong Kong in the first place. 

Remember your goals and dreams for your family. When you keep this kind of mindset, there’s no other way for you but to remain positive in every challenge that you might encounter at work and in life. 

Experienced workers understand the importance of not taking everything personally or being impulsive with their decision-making, especially when they’re too emotional, tired, or not feeling well.

bad day at work

Pro tip: If you’re having a bad day at work, just don’t give up right away, and practice self-talk. This is talking to yourself to remain positive and to keep on going. Learn from your mistakes and figure out how you can do things better. In this way, you are helping yourself in ways you never expected. 

Working for a foreign employer abroad is already as hard as it is. Aside from the adjustments in your new environment, you will also need to adapt to your employer’s personality, attitudes, and habits. 

This is not an easy thing to do, especially if it’s your first time working abroad. But, there are things you can do to make it easier to adjust. 

Keeping open communication lines with your employer will help them see you not just a worker but as part of their family. Also, if you do your best at your job, employers can not help but recognize your hard work. 

This will help them see your value not just to them but to the entire household. If you’ve established trust with your employer and they can see your contributions to their family, eventually, you will become someone who’s not easy to let go or replace. 

The bottom line:

If your employer is happy with your work, getting terminated is the last thing you should be concerned about.

So do everything in your capacity to keep your employer happy and satisfied. This will only result in good things at work, you can also expect to stay longer and enjoy working for your employer for a very long time. And for many domestic helpers, working for an employer for a long time is success in itself. 

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