Two Filipinas Die After Passing Out in Employers’ Residences

Because of the attractive pay of work overseas, sometimes, we forget to prioritize our health over earning more. And while this can also be said for our kababayan working back at home, this is a much greater concern for OFWs who are far away from their families and are working hard to earn a living for their loved ones back home.

It can be recalled that Labatt Dela Torre has called onto the Hong Kong government to consider imposing regular medical check-ups for Filipino domestic workers in the country with the reported rise in illnesses in this community according to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO). However, the proposal has been deferred after convening with community leaders as to the immediate effects of the program for the community.

Two Filipinas Die After Passing Out in Employers’ Residences
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Two Filipina Domestic Workers Pass Away After Collapsing at Employers’ Homes

Recently, two Filipina domestic helpers have reportedly died after passing out in their respective employers’ residences over the weekend, as shared in a report by the Sun.

One of the two reported deaths, was Donna M. Avanceña, who would have turned 56 on Feb 25, but passed away early on February 2 after collapsing at her employer’s flat at Mid-Levels, even as she was rushed to a nearby hospital on an ambulance.

On the same day, Eva A. Pascua, 46, was reportedly found unconscious in her employers’ home by her wards, and was rushed to Cheung Sha Wan hospital, but passed away the next day.

Pascua’s friend, Marites Palma said that she had already reported the death to the Consulate’s Assistance to Nationals section as well as to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO). Palma also shared that Pascua’s child had arrived in Hong Kong last Feb. 4 together with an aunt, to work on repatriating her mother’s remains.

And while the causes of both Avanceña and Pascua’s deaths were not immediately known, Avanceña’s niece, Aida Ajihil, was instructed to return to the Victoria Public Mortuary on Friday, February 8 for the report on the cause of death of her aunt.

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