Services Offered by Hong Kong Philippine Embassy and Overseas Labor Office

For decades now, Hong Kong has been one of the countries where there’s a big OFW population. For OFWs residing in Hongkong and wish to process any Philippine government-related documents, you can see below the services offered by the Embassy that you can take advantage.

Please make sure that you know where the embassy is. As an expat, this is the place where we go to get some help from our government.

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Service Offered by Philippine Embassy in Hongkong:

  1. Passport – First Time Application / Renewal / Amendments / Replacement
  2. Visa Application
  3. Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) Application
  4. Notarial Services and Authentication
  • Affidavits, Sworn Statements and Authentication of Documents
  • Acknowledgement of Instruments (Deeds, Power of Attorney, Real Estate Mortgage, Letters, etc.)
  • Affidavit of Consent and Support for minors with one or both parent/s in HK
  • Affidavit of Support – for 18 y/o & above
  • Affidavit of Consent and Support (WEG)
  • Authentication – Documents from Philippines for Hongkong and vice versa and documents issued by Hong Kong government
  • Shipment of Human Remains from Hongkong to Philippines (Body/Urn)
  • Application for waiver on the use of Philippine Flag vessel
  • Establishing regional headquarters in the Philippines
  • Issuance of the provisional certificate of RP Registry
  • Renunciation of Philippine Citizenship
  • Exemption of Withholding Tax
  • Importation of Live Pet Animals
  1. Civil Registry & Legal Service
  • Report of Birth, Marriage or Death
  • Legitimation due to subsequent marriage of parents
  • Annotation of report of birth to reflect Father’s Name through RA 9225
  • Clerical Error / Change of First Name
  1. Issuance of NBI clearance

The Philippine Consulate – Hongkong
Address: Philippine Consulate General Fourteenth Floor, United Centre 95 Queensway, Admiralty Hong Kong – Location Map
Contact nos
: Consular: 9155-4023 Labor: 6080-8323 OWWA: 6345-9324

Philippine Overseas Labor Office – Hongkong

The Philippine Overseas and Labor Office in Hongkong is ready to help you in any labor-related inquiries you may have. You can go directly to the Embassy to inquire at our office.

Here are the services offered by the Labor Office:

  1. Contract Verification – This is to ensure that Hongkong employer provide fair and equal job contract in compliance with the Labor and Immigration laws of Hongkong
  2. Agency Accreditation
  3. Issuance of OEC
  4. Conciliation and Mediation for Pre-terminated worker –For complaints against employers.

Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)

Tel: 2823 8504 and 2823 4882

Other Helpful Contact Information:
PCG Hotlines: 9155 4023
Labor Hotline: 6080 8323
OWWA: 6323 9324

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