HK Sets Up New Air Purification System

They say with the New Year comes new beginnings. In the multitude of options to be had, the government chooses to put up a new system that will reduce pollutants and harmful particles in the air that the people in the city have to breathe, day in and day out.

Of course there are plenty of things to be considered such as the country’s burgeoning problem with its land resources, population and living conditions, as well as other internal issues. But with this important step, we see how the government is making sustainable changes important to the well-being of the people, the environment, as well as the country.

New Air Purification System Installed in the Region

According to a report shared by, the world’s largest air purification system (Central-Wan Chai Bypass & Island Eastern Corridor Link) which will clear most of the pollutants produced by vehicles and establishments in the city will have been operational by the first month of the New Year.

The new system can deal with up to 5.4 million cubic metres of tunnel exhaust per hour and decrease 80% of breathable suspended air particulates as well as nitrogen dioxide from the tunnel exhaust, shared Highways Department Project Manager/Major Works Kelvin Lo.

According to Lo, large fans will suck in and filter tunnel exhaust into the air purification plants in three facilities along the tunnel section of the link.

With this system, the exhaust will be processed through two major components that remove the pollutants.

Lo added that on a yearly basis, the system can cut down the carbon dioxide emission by 11,000 tonnes. This is about the same absorption rate of 480,000 trees, which span about 67 Victoria parks.

And while the new project will efficiently filter the air within the city, it will also look like the sail of a boat and will light up Victoria Harbour at night. The project is said to ease traffic congestion at the city’s primary roadways starting January 20.

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