How to Find an Apartment for Rent in Hong Kong

If you’re moving to Hong Kong for work, there’s good news for you because there are plenty of properties you can look into, even if only to be rented, for your stay in the city.

In other cases, such as for those who are working as domestic helpers in the country, this shouldn’t be a problem because part of their contract and are required to be given decent living space by their employer throughout their employment in the country. Otherwise, looking for a place to rent shouldn’t be a problem either. We’ll teach you how and where to look in this post . . .

How to Find an Apartment for Rent in Hong Kong

Finding an Apartment Rental for Expats in Hong Kong

Since Hong Kong has a highly transient expat community, expect: to find high rental prices, and to quickly run out of decent properties to choose from with the rate of transition in the city.

But all hope is not lost, through this guide, we’ll help you gather important information which will prove useful for your property hunt while considering your convenience, budget, and preferences altogether.

First up, know which places suit your living conditions. Yes, Hong Kong is quite small, but it’s not THAT small. There are actually more than a handful of residential areas to consider such as those in HONG KONG ISLAND, KOWLOON, and THE NEW TERRITORIES.

After you’ve done your research on which neighbourhood suits your preference and lifestyle the most, you can now begin your search online. Here are a few websites you can check out:

Or you can sign up directly with the following real-estate agents available in the city. This will give you extra help in looking for properties that suit your preference, and even give you a heads-up on new property listings, even before they become available on websites.

Once you’ve set your sights on a place to your liking, and when everything is all set, be sure to prepare the following general requirements for rent:

  • Your valid passport
  • Employment Contract or letter of employment, and
  • Hong Kong ID (where applicable)

Be sure to read the fine print, and prepare a deposit (usually two months’ worth of rent) on top of one month up-front – overall, you will need to pay three months’ rent in advance to move in here in Hong Kong. Government fees and building charges are typically (but not always) included in the rent, so be sure to clarify this point. Also, there’s a stamp duty payable upon signing of the lease. This is split between the landlord and tenant.

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