One Health Pass Registration Guide for OFW Travellers

UPDATE: Please note that this One Health Pass procedure is no longer working and all travellers to the Philippines must register for an eTravel card. Please follow this post for your reference – How to Register eTravel Registration Card Philippines

Great news for our kababayans based in Hong Kong! Now that the Philippines has named Hong Kong as one of the countries classified under its ‘Green’ list, more  Filipinos can travel back home without going quarantine anymore for as long as they are completely vaccinated and comply with all of the requirements including registering on the One Health Pass website.

So what exactly is the One Health Pass website, you might ask. Good question, and consider yourself lucky because in this guide, we will discuss all there is to know about the new online registration system essential for travellers going to and from the Philippines. Read on to learn more about it.

Guide in One Health Pass Registration for Filipinos Based in Hong Kong

How To Register In One Health Pass
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Despite being listed under the Green list, travellers from Hong Kong, both Filipinos and foreign nationals will still need to comply with the requirements set by the Philippine government, one of which being registration on the One Health Pass.

In this guide, we break down into details everything you coud possibly want to know about the new online registration system for safe and secure travels to the Philippines.

With this development, Filipinos will be able to quickly enter and depart the nation thanks to the new simplified online registration system.

This technique will allow you to travel between Hong Kong and the Philippines quickly and easily. It will also aid in the monitoring of Filipino workers’ safety and well-being in these nations throughout the pandemic.

What is the One Health Pass?

One Health Pass is an online health information system that enables people to securely submit their health data.

This system simplifies the paperwork involved for travel documentation since the process takes place online. It can also help minimize the risk of getting sick while traveling.

What are the Requirements?

This system collects and manages all the necessary data for the smooth operation of the various processes involved in the departure from and return of Filipinos and travelers in the Philippines.

You will be required to submit both the registration and the health declaration form at the One Health Pass website.

By submitting your details, you agree to the authorities’ use and collection of information about you for the local government.


To prevent being stranded, all Filipinos planning to travel or visit another country after September 1, 2021 must register with the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ). For all foreigners and Filipinos, the registration is required before traveling to the Philippines. This is also applicable to those who will be staying in the Philippines during this pandemic.

Features and Benefits

Authorities require the usage of the One Health Pass for all travellers for several valid reasons. Here are a few examples:

  • Passengers no longer need to deal with several documents if they have the One Health Pass.
  • Restricting their movement within the airport reduces their viral exposure.
  • Because the airport and other necessary agencies have access to this digital platform, travellers may save time and money on processing requirements.
  • The system contains a number of features that enable you to track and save all of your data in a secure cloud. The amount of human labour required to collect and validate all important data is reduced as a result. It also permits you to concentrate on getting ready to return to work.

How to Register via the One Health Pass (7 Steps)

Now that we understand the significance and benefits of the new system, let’s look at the highlight of this guide – how to register online:

Before the Flight

Step 1: Filipinos travelling to or from the Philippines should register at least three (3) days ahead of time on the One Health Pass website ( to receive a transaction number.

Note: Non-OFWs and international nationals must secure a ten-day Quarantine Hotel reservation if they are arriving from a yellow or red list country. Go to and search for a list of authorised hotels. OFWs, on the other hand, will not be required to do this step, because the OWWA will take  care  of their accommodation during this period.

Step 2: Take a snapshot of your record after it has been produced by the system. Authorities in the Philippines will need you to present this information upon entry into the country.

Step 3: Within 24 hours of your flight or before boarding, you must complete a health declaration checklist.

At the Airport

Step 4: When you arrive, provide your OHP personal QR code for verification and hotel assignment. After that, you’ll be taken to an immigration official-led orientation before being given immigration clearance and directed to your transportation service or quarantine hotel.

Step 5: Go to the Immigration Bureau, then to baggage claims and customs inspection to clear your arrival.

  • The One Health Pass System will notify your local government unit of your travel status and if you are now allowed to travel internationally for work or pleasure.

Step 6: After that, you’ll be instructed to use a pre-arranged or certified form of transportation. After that, you’ll be instructed to use a pre-arranged or certified form of transportation.

Step 7: [For those who must be quarantined] Once your quarantine time is up, you will be handed with your COVID-19 test results as well as a quarantine certificate.

How To Register In One Health Pass
Credits: DFA
How To Register In One Health Pass
Credits: DFA
Credits: DFA

Video: A Simple Guide to Registering for the One Health Pass

A Pinoy YouTuber covers the One Health Pass’s various requirements and eligibility in this video. The video also shows how to get a QR code and sign up for the pass.

All OFWs, overseas Filipinos, and international passengers would be required to register under the new online system, which was implemented in September 2021.

In addition to applying for the One Health Pass, you must complete other requirements before travelling to the Philippines. You should be aware of the various travel regulations while travelling to and from the country, as well as at your local destination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding the One Health Pass (OHP)

1. Is there a fee associated with registering in the OHP system?

This must be finished before boarding your aircraft. You can, however, register three days before to your scheduled departure. You must register as soon as possible after arriving at the airport.

At least 24 hours before your trip, you must fill out the health declaration form. Please include a copy of your immunisation certificate from the country from which you will be travelling. A screenshot of the actual or digital copy of the certificate would suffice.

2. When is the appropriate time to register in the OHP system?

Yes, you must present standard papers such as passports, aircraft tickets, and now your immunisation certificate when you arrive at the airport.

Fill out the registration and health declaration forms on the One Health Pass website up to three days before your travel to prevent wasting time at the airport. You can still fill them out at the airport, but it’s better to do them ahead of time and in the comfort of your own home so that you don’t feel rushed.

  1. What other documentation should I present at the airport when I arrive?

The One Health Pass is an online system that allows you to submit all of your personal, travel, and medical information, as well as your immunisation status. All of this information will be stored in a system that will be accessible to airport officials as well as anyone who will receive you in your hometown or local government unit.

4. Is it required for me to download an app to register on my smartphone?

No. The OHP is a mobile-friendly information system that operates across several platforms with ease. It’s meant to function across several devices and provides an easy and secure method to access information.

5. I am not an OFW, but rather a Filipino on vacation from another country. Is it also essential for me to register?

Yes, all travelers entering or departing the Philippines, whether for business or pleasure, must fill out the online form. Because the OWWA will assign OFWs to a quarantine facility/hotel, OFWs must be cautious when mentioning their status on their record. All other passengers must state on their forms that they are travelling to the Philippines on their own initiative and that they will be responsible for any charges incurred as a result of their trip, as per local government legislation.

Final Thoughts

For those who are staying in Hong Kong, the restrictions are starting to ease up. This is a good thing since it means that they can now book their tickets back home.

One of the requirements that need to be met is registering in the One Health Pass. This is a requirement for all Hong Kong residents wanting to visit the Philippines, especially during the holidays, so be sure to be guided accordingly.

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