Hong Kong OFW Shares Story of Determination and Fruits of Her Labor

OFWs, before they decide to work abroad, come from different family and economic backgrounds. You might think that being an OFW is a luxury, but sometimes, it’s the only choice a person has to provide food to their table.

Such is the story of Rhen Nival Almendras, an OFW who spent 11 years of her life working in Singapore and then in Hong Kong. Earlier this year, she shared the fruits of her labor and their family’s story on how they achieved their goals and dreams in life despite coming from a challenging economic background in the Philippines.

Hong Kong OFW Shares Story of Determination And Fruits of Their Labor
Photo by: Rhen Nival Almendras (Facebook)

Hong Kong OFW and Farmer Husband Share Story of Determination and Fruits of Their Labor

Rhen was no stranger to hardships. At a young age, she learned how to be independent and take care of herself, especially when she became pregnant at the age of 18.

It was due to her circumstances that she persevered and decided to work in Singapore and then later on, in Hong Kong as a domestic helper.

In her two years of work in Singapore and then, another nine years in Hong Kong, Rhen thinks that she’s been blessed with kind employers. She never had any difficulties with her salary that’s why little by little, she was able to save up her earnings and invest in several properties, including a house back in the Philippines.

In fact, in her two years in Singapore, she was already able to begin the construction of their house. However, she had to put the project on hold first, so she could invest in other properties that could help her gain more income, and not just through her work as a domestic helper abroad.

She decided to invest in a patch of land for farming and several animals, which her husband will take care of back home.

Hong Kong OFW Shares Story of Determination And Fruits of Their Labor
Photo by: Rhen Nival Almendras (Facebook)

Eventually, she was then able to invest in a motorcycle and several pieces of jewellery.

Hong Kong OFW Shares Story of Determination And Fruits of Their Labor
Photo by: Rhen Nival Almendras (Facebook)

She’s very grateful to her husband who has been nothing but supportive of all her endeavours and her partner in everything, especially towards achieving their goals for their children.

Though the project had been put off for five years, Rhen did not lose sight of her goal and made sure that they would keep on improving the house that they built – even if little by little.

She said that even if the odds are against you, and even if you did not finish a degree, there’s no reason for you to not work hard and reach all of your dreams. Your decisions and attitudes in life will determine how successful you will be in the future.

She also emphasized the importance of giving back to your parents and planning for your children’s future. Everything is temporary, but what you want for your family at the end of the day, is only what’s best for them. That’s why you can be motivated and inspired to work harder every day. And of course, all of your successes will never be possible if not for your faith and the grace of God.

To this day, they are still working on their house construction project. But at this rate, it’s only a matter of time until Rhen and her husband reach their goal of having their own house.

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