13 Things to do in Disneyland, Hong Kong

Do you know that as you enter the gates of Disneyland, you’d feel pure bliss and unadulterated fun? For those who have been to Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL), for sure, you have felt how truly magical the whole place is!

disneyland hk

To enjoy your stay at HKDL, here are the best things to do:

1. Strike a pose with Mickey and Minnie

When you’re in Disneyland, Mickey is always the star! And of course, Minnie! Both are, after all, the most iconic in demand among all Disney characters. Mostly, people would line up just to take a selfie with them, especially during the holidays.

2. Meet and greet with the newest Disney characters, Anna and Elsa

Frozen is a top-grossing film that inspired millions of viewers of all ages. In HKDL, a special up close event for Anna and Elsa is happening. Don’t miss to secure tickets and check out the schedules. They look really lovely!

3. Hop on board the jungle river cruise

The boat ride offers three languages spoken by the guide: English, Cantonese and Mandarin. In this cruise, the animals really look so real! The waters would even splash to your face and smoke and fire comes out of the volcano. It’s a really fun experience!

4. Climb at Tarzan’s Treehouse

Tour around Tarzan’s house and discover all his things from the forests. You can exactly see how Tarzan lived in the jungle. And his baby pictures are so cute!

5. Watch the Golden Mickeys, Lion King, Philhar Magic 4D shows

These are the most anticipated shows in HKDL. So, make sure that you know its schedule for an organized day. Catch the greatest talents behind HKDL.

6. Be amazed with the fireworks display

The best viewing spot is at Main Street Station, HKD Railroad. This also signals the closing of the theme park at the end of the night.

7. Check out the Disney Paint the Night Parade

Your favorite Disney stars will all be equipped with lights and beams. Even the vehicles that they’d be riding, all of it are filled with sparkling lights! Really cool!

8. Ride all you can

Among the famous rides are RC Racer, Space Mountain and Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. Of course, there are more. You just need to manage your time and look up for the best!

9. Book at any of HKD hotels

If time permits, make your hotel reservations at any of its hotels. How wonderful it would be when you wake up early morning at the happiest place on Earth! Isn’t that great?

10. Dine in at any of its restaurants and cafes

Guests can feed their hungry stomachs at Corner Cafe, Plaza Inn Restaurant, Walt’s Cafe or any other cafes. However, do take note that their selling price is a bit pricy.

11. Take a photo holding numerous balloons

Staff members are selling balloons of your favorite Disney characters. Or you can simply ask the staff to borrow the handful of balloons just for the sake of taking a photo. Why not?

12. Munch on some good food

While walking around, you can find food stalls selling various snack items such as ice cream, cotton candy, and grilled squid- one of the most popular snack item in HK.

13. Buy souvenir items

Several stalls are displaying various souvenir gifts such as stuffed toys, shirts, caps, keychains, bags and many more. That lighting headband would be perfect during the night parade!

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