Filipina DH in Hong Kong Fired Over Cancer Diagnosis, Now Fights for her Life

In recent months, news about an initiative by the PCG in HK to make medical check-ups mandatory for domestic workers in the country sparked attention from various organizations and rights groups contesting the merits of the plan, given the economic status of domestic workers in the country.

However, the decision against the initiative in retrospect now begins to become less of an issue of practicality. The big question now is – how long can one be assured of their health?

Filipina DH in Hong Kong Fired Over Cancer Diagnosis, Now Fights for her Life
Credits: Baby Jane Allas’ GoGetFunding Page

Pinay DH in HK Now Fights for her Life after Getting Fired Over Cancer Diagnosis

This has been the case of the Filipina domestic helper in Hong Kong, Baby Jane Allas, 38, a single mother, who had been diagnosed with stage III cervical cancer, as shared in a report by the South China Morning Post.

The discovery of the cancer diagnosis, according to Jessica Cutrera Papadopoulos who employs Allas’ sister and the creator of Allas’ funding page, even came as an ordeal for the domestic helper as her foreign employers were “unwilling” to give her the time to get  checked by the doctors.

And as if the diagnosis of stage III cervical cancer wasn’t enough of a blow to Allas, less than a month after this discovery, she was unceremoniously terminated by her employer for her disease.

But when Allas refused to sign the release letter from her employer, they allegedly took her copy of the contract along with her medical receipts and letter of referral from Tuen Mun Hospital. This resulted to the week-long delay of a crucial MRI needed to begin her chemotherapy and radiation treatment session.

According to the report, Allas has already lodged several complaints at the Labour Department, claiming that she was unlawfully terminated while she was on paid sick leave, as well as to the Equal Opportunities Commission, noting that she had been discriminated against for having a sickness which cost her her job.

At present, through the help of friends and family, hundreds and thousands of dollars have been raised for the treatment of Allas’ condition, as well as for the extension of her life with family, as she no longer can stay in Hong Kong to work and gain free access to health care which domestic helpers are entitled to.

To our loyal readers who will find it in the goodness of their hearts to support Baby Jane’s fight, you may extend your support by visiting her GoGetFunding Page.

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