14 Things to do at Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Another fun-filled adventure awaits you at Ocean Park. What are you most excited about? Here’s a list of the 14 best things to do here:

ocean park hk

1. Ride all you can.

They say your Ocean Park adventure wouldn’t be complete without riding the Hair Raiser. A definite must-try for that adrenaline feel! The Rapids is a water ride that would leave you literally wet as splashes of water get in your ride.

2. Check out the penguins and sea lions at Polar Adventure.

How lovely these creatures are while seeing them swimming or walking around the area. A sea lion feeding show is also happening here. Kids would definitely love this!

3. Get up close with over 5,000 fish at the Grand Aquarium.

The gigantic aquarium houses numerous species of sharks, corals and fish that are swimming freely. It’s really amazing to see a large number of fish in just one setting! Really cool. I must say!

4. Walk along Old Hong Kong.

This area depicts how the Old Hong Kong looked during 50s, 60s and 70s. Rickshaws are displayed, showing the old means of transportation. Local foods such as siomai and egg tarts are also available here.

5. Visit the pandas at Giant Panda Adventure.

The pandas are housed properly and provided a good habitat by the management. On a good day, you can get a load and snap photos of these friendly giants. But, if you are not-so fortunate, you would only get to view the pandas through a live video.

6. Look out for the Goldfish Treasures.

Have you ever seen a room full of goldfish? If not, then drop by here and get to see hundreds of goldfish coming in different sizes, names, and forms.

7. Watch the children have fun at Whiskers Harbour.

If you are traveling with kids, this place is certainly for them. It is a huge playground with dozens of fantastic rides to choose from. Better yet, you can let them jump and bounce at Bounce House.

8. Don’t miss the Symbio!

Symbio is the world’s first 360 degree water screen night show. It features stunning lighting, amazing fireworks, as well as realistic sound effects. A story illustrates the relationship between humans and nature. Worth-watching!

9. Watch out for the show at Ocean Theatre.

Of course, the stars are Ocean Park’s sea animals: dolphins and sea lions. See them perform live with their trainers. Really cute!

10. Journey through the cable car ride.

You can transport to the different areas within Ocean Park in a jiffy through cable car. Just face your fear of heights, and enjoy the moment you’re up there taking a whole view of the park and its surroundings.

11. Experience the Ocean Express.

From the main entrance, you may opt for the Ocean Express, a funicular railway system, to reach the main park. It features multimedia underwater effects, letting you feel like traveling under the sea.

12. Play fun games and win prizes.

There are many games that kids and adults alike can play. What’s more, you’d get to win instant prizes!

13. Buy souvenirs at the shops.

Items such as bags, slippers, shirts, keychains, coin purse, socks and many more are sold in the souvenir shops, which are scattered all over the park. It showcases the featured animals such as dolphins, sea lions, pandas, penguins and others.

14. Grab some food at any cafes or food stalls.

While walking around, munch in some snacks including popcorn or chips. Or if you want to get some rest and eat for a while, check out the cafes nearby.

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