5 Smart Investments Every OFW Should Have

Let’s face it. Despite the glitz and glamour of working overseas, it does not take the away the fact that OFWs still need to work hard in order to earn the attractive pay which many Filipinos could only dream to have back home.

And while it’s true that providing for our families comes as top priority, this only settles immediate needs and does not entirely secure our loved ones’ (or even our own) future.

5 Smart Investments Every OFW Should Have

Top 5 OFW Investments that Could Change Your Life

That being said, it’s important for all of us to have an idea on how we can make our hard-earned wages work for us. And by that, we mean grow passively and secure our future, since working overseas is not a permanent thing (hopefully) for us OFWs.

Here are some investment options that you can discuss with your bank or other trusted institutions to ensure that your money does not go to waste:

5 Smart Investments Every OFW Should Have

  1. Land

The prospect of investing on the Philippine Real Estate Industry has yet reached its peak and is only growing so to speak. Therefore, investing on real estate will unlikely be a failure on your part as an individual. With the higher income earned by OFWs, there are plenty of options you can take when it comes to investing on this type of asset.

Also, with the higher drive coming from remittances overseas, many real estate and developers have already expanded their reach to the OFW market by setting up satellite offices abroad such as in Hong Kong as well as Dubai.

If you’re religiously saving up some money, it’s a great idea to invest on real estate properties, which won’t be seeing a drop in value in many years to come.

5 Smart Investments Every OFW Should Have

  1. Financial Instruments

It’s already 2019, and if you haven’t visited your bank as of late, there’s always the option to check their financial tools and services online, which could help you grow your savings even more. If you’re more of a risk-taker, you can approach investment by stocks. This approach requires the help from an advisor who will guide you through the various steps you can take. However, if you’re more of a low-risk investor, you can explore mutual funds and bond investments, for which bank consultants would also help you understand your goals based on your immediate, moderate, and long-term goals.

5 Smart Investments Every OFW Should Have

  1. Health Care

If anything, this has to be the very first thing that you should invest on. While some companies offer their employees health insurance, it’s important that the whole family is covered, from the children, grandparents, and even relatives who may not be able to afford it. As the cost of undergoing treatment will only continue to be on the rise, this only further emphasizes the importance of investing in health insurance. This will not only save you a lot of money, but also ensure their safety in the long run.

5 Smart Investments Every OFW Should Have

  1. Education

This is one of the most common reasons why Filipinos choose to work overseas. As education is the only sure-fire way out of poverty, and is the essential tool we can use to have a better life, there is a much greater need for many of us to invest on quality education for our kids, younger family members, and even for ourselves. Instead of giving the younger members of your family the latest gadgets and expensive toys, give them the gift of education, which they will surely benefit from in the future.

5 Smart Investments Every OFW Should Have

  1. Retirement

And while many people would view retirement as a long way to go, it’s never too early to decide to give yourself as well as your family the quality of life you deserve in the future, especially after all the years you’ve managed to spend away from loved ones in order to provide them a good life. Many banks and financial institutions offer personalized retirement plans based on long-term life goals.


Hopefully after this read, the desire to know more and to invest on your future (literally) would bug you while you have all the means to do so. As a start, you can approach any of your trusted banks or financial institutions to get some idea of the products and services they can offer based on your life goals. Good luck!

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